Rebecca Shore: All in One

Rebecca Shore: All in One

Friday, March 30, 2012Saturday, May 5, 2012

Santa Fe, NM USA

Artist’s Reception: Friday, March 30, 5-7 pm Eight Modern is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Rebecca Shore: All in One. This is the artist’s first show with the gallery.

Shore’s art is driven by systems, not because of an unusually systematic process – she adeptly moves between methods and mediums – but because of her interest in organization, the attribution of meaning, and the visual connections and relationships between forms. Shore has assembled a wide-ranging compilation of silhouettes and “shape quotations” of varying degrees of ambiguity and tantalizing familiarity.

An avid collector of imagery, Shore finds and records everything from the patterns of faux rock walls to merchandise from vintage Sears Roebuck catalogues or a cup from a seventeenth century Spanish painting.

“I bring together collections of found shapes in silhouette form,” Shore said. “By making them into silhouettes, I remove a great deal of information…some of the shapes are probably impossible to figure out. What are the subtle clues that make us want to guess at identity, and when do we just enjoy the mysteries of the shapes and the relationship between them?”

Influenced deeply by the Chicago Imagists, particularly Ray Yoshida and Christina Ramberg, and with a background respected textile artist, Shore’s expert placement and arrangement of images recall the methodology of the collector. She grew up in a house surrounded by Victorian objects, which sparked a lifelong interest in unusual forms.

“As a young artist that fascination turned into collecting things, but there’s a side of me that wants an uncluttered life,” Shore said. “When I came to making these paintings, I discovered, in a way, that I could have all the stuff without having it. I can have a relationship with it without having piles of stuff collecting dust in my house.”

Shore, a Chicago resident, received her BFA in 1981 from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she has worked as an adjunct professor since 1996. She is the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships. Her work has been exhibited widely over the past three decades, recent solo exhibitions at the Elmhurst Art Museum, the Chicago Cultural Center and the Herron Gallery at the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis.

The exhibition is accompanied by a 70 page, full-color catalog produced in concert with Corbett vs. Dempsey of Chicago, IL.

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