Stephen Walter - The Island, London Series

Stephen Walter - The Island, London Series

westminster (detail) by stephen walter

Stephen Walter

Westminster (detail)

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Monday, June 28, 2010Friday, September 24, 2010

London, United Kingdom

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London
Rhys Williams Gallery, 1st Floor Atrium
Free admission

North London born artist Stephen Walter was inspired by the unfolding drama of London's city life. 'The Island - London Series' is a collection of intricate drawings that map the city's 33 individual boroughs as well as amalgamating them into one large island. "A city's ability to constantly reinvent itself, building on top of what was before, continually shifting its cultural identity has been a source of enduring fascination", explains RCA artist Walter.

The Island took two years to complete and intricately ties the mapping of the city to its historical legacy from pre-Christian times to the present day. The geographically accurate map includes many of London's main roads, railway lines, landmarks and green spaces. However, on closer inspection, 'The Island' has its own unique identity fashioned by the artist's idiosyncratic semiotics, wittily juxtaposed with the familiar everyday signage of maps and public spaces.

25% of all sale proceeds from this exhibition will go to Hospital Arts to fund future visual and performing arts projects within Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.