important cubist table & chairs by mieczyslaw kotarbinski

Mieczyslaw Kotarbinski

Important Cubist Table & Chairs, 1925

bolivar by michael tyzack

Michael Tyzack

Bolivar, 1966–1969

13 elements on black ( sound + silence) by jack smith

Jack Smith

13 Elements on Black ( Sound + Silence), 1970

relief structure c3 by anthony hill

Anthony Hill

Relief Structure C3, 1963

lune d'argent by anna eva bergman

Anna Eva Bergman

Lune d'argent, 1955

fasl by aurélie nemours

Aurélie Nemours

Fasl, 1960

hand by valerio adami

Valerio Adami

Hand, 1970

visage en v by jean cocteau

Jean Cocteau

Visage en V, 1962

eosphoros<br>an important art jewel brooch by georges braque

Georges Braque

An important art jewel brooch,

houses of parliament by peter kinley

Peter Kinley

Houses of Parliament, 1959

st paul's cathedral by peter kinley

Peter Kinley

St Paul's Cathedral, 1959

white, grey & aluminium additive-unit relief by malcolm hughes

Malcolm Hughes

White, Grey & Aluminium Additive-unit Relief, 1967

untitled by bruce mclean

Bruce McLean

Untitled, 1980

fioletowy by stefan knapp

Stefan Knapp

Fioletowy, 1973

fording a stream by stefan knapp

Stefan Knapp

Fording a Stream, 1954

penny for the guy by gladys hynes

Gladys Hynes

Penny for the Guy, 1940