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Word To Mother - ‘Blind By Stardom’

Word To Mother - ‘Blind By Stardom’

London, United Kingdom Friday, October 8, 2010Sunday, October 24, 2010

London, United Kingdom
Friday, October 8, 2010Sunday, October 24, 2010

‘Blind By Stardom’ opening at the StolenSpace Gallery on the 7th October will showcase new works by artist Word To Mother. This much anticipated solo show, his fourth at StolenSpace, will feature paintings in mixed media on wood, canvas, found objects and installation pieces. This show will also see the release of a limited edition hand pulled screen print by the artist. (details of which to be revealed at a later date) Word To Mother's new body of work invites the viewer to look past the exterior or what is immediately apparent and question what is behind. Referencing popular childhood characters Word To Mother asks the viewer to question the agenda of media that is subjected to us, involuntarily sculpting our values and opinions. ‘Blind by Stardom’ is a comment on society being conditioned to worship fame and celebrity status as a way to keep the masses occupied so to keep them from questioning anything. Distractions in the form of everything from fluffy rendered characters to synthesised pop songs and reality television are used as a front to conceal a more sinister agenda. Nothing is as it seems, taking a cynical view of visual language we are confronted with everyday, nothing is literal anymore.

This show sees WTM using geometrical pattern work just as his large scale, outdoor 'Negative Space' letter pieces do, using these negative shapes as a visual stimulant to draw the viewers attention to what is behind and sometimes concealed, accentuating the history and beauty of the original surface.

Continuing his affinity with societies discarded items, WTM carefully selects salvaged objects that have already 'lived' as his chosen surfaces to work on. Adding his own figures, text and pattern work to already beautiful objects before they continue their life as pieces of art.

Word to Mother was born and raised in a small English seaside town, never far from a stoney beach, crashing waves and salty sea veterans. It’s this environment that has had such impact and influence on Word to Mothers work and can be seen throughout his drawings and paintings, whether that be the salvaged wood that he often uses as his canvas or the ‘Sailor Jerry’ tattoo references that appear subtly within his work, his paintings help to remind him of his roots whilst now dwelling in a town called London that he makes home.

If he is not drawing, and there is rarely a moment in the day that his sketch book isn’t being filled with twisted sketches or letter outlines that nod to his past, then he is on the lookout for discarded objects, vintage printed matter, or reading and broadening his knowledge so he can find the correct metaphors and words to describe his visual language. His loosness of line, fluidity of style and energy present in each and every painting make his work and approach truly unique and have fast gained him a firm and loyal following, his previous shows ‘Lost For Words’ and ‘Til The Hot Runs Cold’ both confirmed this by selling out within their opening nights. With shows scheduled for LA next year as well as London his artwork ensures that no matter where in the world he travels he’s never far from his home-town port.