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Jam 3.0: Wall Drawing by Peter LaBier, Jackie Gendel and Tim Lokiec

Jam 3.0: Wall Drawing by Peter LaBier, Jackie Gendel and Tim Lokiec

237 Eldridge StreetNew York, NY USA Tuesday, July 8, 2014Saturday, August 16, 2014
the jam 3.0

The Jam 3.0

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237 Eldridge Street
New York, NY USA
Tuesday, July 8, 2014Saturday, August 16, 2014

Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects presents The Jam 3.0, a group exhibition and installation featuring contemporary painters- Andrea Bergart, Matt Phillips, Lauren Luloff, Meghan Brady, Giordanne Salley, Peter LaBier, Tim Lokiec, Jackie Gendel, along with Moroccan rugs from Katherine Bernhardt’s Magic Flying Carpets collection, and a 1953 abstraction by Jan Müller.

Andrea Bergart and Matt Phillips will paint an abstract mural covering the walls of the gallery. The paintings in the exhibition are hung on top of the mural. The Jam 3.0 takes the idea of layering from quilting and sound mixing-- pattern on pattern, painting on top of painting, mixing representation with abstraction-- to transform the gallery space into a visual cornucopia where exquisite Moroccan rugs, artist designed furniture, jewelry and textiles are mixed together with paintings. Concurrently, Bergart and Phillips are also featured in an exhibition at The New Bedford Art Museum in MA, that borrows its’ theme and title from SHFAP’s exhibition. Bergart and Phillips previously collaborated on an earlier version of The Jam at SHFAP in the summer of 2012. Both artists look to textiles for inspiration as much as abstract painting; their DIY geometries relate to both African and American textile design including Gee’s Bend style quilting.

The Jam 3.0 continues at our pop-up space at 237 Eldridge with a collaborative drawing/mural conceived by Peter LaBier, Tim Lokiec and Jackie Gendel, executed by Peter LaBier. LaBier, Lokiec and Gendel are New York based experimental painters and friends who recently exhibited collaborative drawings in an exhibition in Houston TX.

Andrea Bergart is a Brooklyn based artist whose work includes painting, textile and jewelry design. She received a Fulbright grant to work in Ghana where she studied bead-making, designed commercial textiles and painted a large scale outdoor mural. Bergart recently created murals for two cement trucks that are currently cruising New York City.

Matt Phillips is a Brooklyn-based abstract painter. He teaches art at Mt Holyoke College. He is at work on a large-scale tile commission for a school in the Bronx. Phillips is one of the organizers of the Bushwick artist run exhibition space TSA.

Lauren Luloff, creates assemblage paintings out of torn, dyed fabrics, pulling and pushing painting’s traditional parameters into an area that conflates traditional ideas of women’s homework with echoes of Rauschenberg’s assemblages and Helen Frankenthaler’s stain paintings.

Maine and Cambridge based painter, Meghan Brady’s deceptively simple geometric structures describe complex spatial dynamics that carry a surprising emotional resonance.

Ellen Caldwell notes that “real life is layered with complexities” in Giordanne Salley’s figurative paintings. Salley’s closely cropped images zoom in on patterned surfaces, dramatizing personal moments when different materials touch or overlap.

Jan Muller (1922-1958) a refugee from Nazi Germany, died prematurely from heart disease at the age of 36. He was the first of Hans Hofmann’s students to embrace figurative painting during the heyday of abstraction. Before his mythological compositions, Muller made a series of mosaic-like color abstractions including the 1953 Cross Mosaic in this exhibition. This work was exhibited in his 1961 Guggenheim Museum retrospective.

The exhibition will include a group of Moroccan rugs for sale imported by the painter Katherine Bernhardt along with furniture decorated by Phillips and Bergart and jewelry by Andrea Bergart.

Please contact the gallery at 917-861-7312 or for images or further information. SHFAP will be open Wednesday – Friday, from 12-6pm, and by appointment during July and August.