Keith Carter

(American, b. 1948)

(book) a certain alchemy by keith carter

Keith Carter

(Book) A Certain Alchemy

(book) ezekiel's horse by keith carter

Keith Carter

(Book) Ezekiel's Horse

(book) fireflies, photographs of children by keith carter

Keith Carter

(Book) Fireflies, Photographs of Children

(book) from uncertain to blue by keith carter

Keith Carter

(Book) From Uncertain to Blue

(book) twenty five years by keith carter

Keith Carter

(Book) Twenty Five Years

boy and hawk by keith carter

Keith Carter

Boy and Hawk, 2005



Born in Madison, Wisconsin
BBA Business Management, Lamar University


A Certain Alchemy, Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview, Texas (solo)
Keith Carter: New Work, Stephen L. Clark Gallery, Austin, Texas (solo)
Anima, FotoFest, McMurtrey Gallery, Houston, Texas (solo)
Poet of the Ordinary, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas (solo)
The Heritage Society Museum Gallery, Houston,Texas (solo)
Center for Photography, Madison, Madison, Wisconsin (solo)
"A Thousand Hounds," Paine Webber Art Gallery, New York, NY
"Masterworks of American Photography," Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, TX
"Dog is God Spelled Backwards," G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, Washington Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida
McMurtrey Gallery, Houston, Texas