Brother Thomas: Porcelain Creations

Brother Thomas: Porcelain Creations

tall vase by brother thomas

Brother Thomas

Tall Vase

dragon's egg by brother thomas

Brother Thomas

Dragon's Egg

Wednesday, March 23, 2011Thursday, April 28, 2011

New York, NY USA

There are people who speak and we do not listen to them;
There are people to hurt us and yet don’t leave a scar;
But there are people who simply appear in our life and
they mark us forever. – Cecilia Mierles

Brother Thomas Bezanson, monk, potter and a magnanimous being, was such a man. Brother Thomas simply arrived in the art world through his compassion, strength and peaceful candor creating dramatic pottery that marked the art world forever, as well as those of us who loved him as an individual.

Thomas used pottery as an existential act against the universe that conveyed the very essence of his being. Through his traditional forms and rich palettes formulated from the offerings of the earth, and his studies of mystic masters, Thomas denied the existence of objective values while stressing the significance of the human experience. Rooting the human experience in his artistic journey, Thomas found solace in the process of creation.

The definition of fine art pottery generally prioritizes conceptual and aesthetic qualities over functionality or usefulness. Thomas, however, has achieved both. The works selected for this exhibition are grouped especially so that the viewer can be exposed to Thomas’ rich, almost painterly glazes transformed onto a variety of different forms, from the traditional to the modern. Each grouping is a collection of his genius glazing, from the rich opulent red copper glazes to the soft and subdued celadon glazes, on perfectly thrown centerpieces, plates and tea bowls. In addition to his proved excellence as a master in this genre, Thomas remained true to the practicality of his pieces. He once said, “They are like pets and need to be petted. Handle them.”

With the direction of Mahboubeh Soufer and her passion for Thomas’ aesthetically and spiritually powerful pieces, Soufer Gallery is once again honored to present our patrons with his mystical and tangible creations. This commemorative is in memory of his life and achievements as an artist and a humanitarian, and with the support of Pucker Gallery, we have organized an exhibition in tribute to his many accomplishments.

Thomas touched us with his existence as a spiritual human being and has left ceramic masterpieces that continue to embrace the art community forever. We remain forever indebted to Thomas for his gifts of fire and will continue to celebrate his life.