sunflowers with lemon on lace by susan mackey

Susan Mackey

Sunflowers with Lemon on Lace

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two pears on cream tablecloth by dogal


Two Pears on Cream Tablecloth, 2014

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lines in the sky by mary page evans

Mary Page Evans

Lines in the Sky, 2014

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white, yellow, blue by david shevlino

David Shevlino

White, Yellow, Blue, 2014

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lavender irises by jim rodgers

Jim Rodgers

Lavender Irises, 2014

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deep forest pool by philip koch

Philip Koch

Deep Forest Pool, 2014

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watermelon and wildflowers by christine lafuente

Christine LaFuente

Watermelon and Wildflowers, 2013

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cupcake on pedestal by tina ingraham

Tina Ingraham

Cupcake on Pedestal, 2013

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an incident at sea by bo bartlett

Bo Bartlett

An Incident at Sea, 2014

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tumbling by vicki vinton

Vicki Vinton

Tumbling, 2014

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still life with shaker and peaches by tina ingraham

Tina Ingraham

Still Life with Shaker and Peaches, 2011

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apple by dan rizzie

Dan Rizzie

Apple, 2013

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bottles in kitchen window by scott prior

Scott Prior

Bottles in Kitchen Window, 2010

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making oil paint by jane morris pack

Jane Morris Pack

Making Oil Paint, 2013

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still life with cuspidor by jeff moulton

Jeff Moulton

Still Life with Cuspidor

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endangered species, seahorse by kay jackson

Kay Jackson

Endangered Species, Seahorse, 2010

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