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Past Isn't Dead. It Isn't Even Past- W. Faulkner

Past Isn't Dead. It Isn't Even Past- W. Faulkner

last trolley by alexander antonyuk

Alexander Antonyuk

Last Trolley, 1999

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khiva darwaza by boris alexandrovich brinskih

Boris Alexandrovich Brinskih

Khiva Darwaza, 1961

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american dream by erik bulatov

Erik Bulatov

American Dream, 1990


graveyard of ships of hopes (but i still hope) by yuri galetsky

Yuri Galetsky

Graveyard of Ships of Hopes (But I Still Hope), 1978

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cry of prophet jeremiah over the destruction of jerusalem by alexander isachev

Alexander Isachev

Cry of Prophet Jeremiah Over the Destruction of Jerusalem, 1978

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winter by ilya kabakov

Ilya Kabakov

Winter, 1982


nonconformists by viatcheslav kalinin

Viatcheslav Kalinin

Nonconformists, 2005

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wings will grow (father of the nation) by komar and melamid

Komar and Melamid

Wings Will Grow (Father of the Nation), 1999

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coca-cola it’s the real thing-lenin by alexander kosolapov

Alexander Kosolapov

Coca-Cola It’s the Real Thing-Lenin, 1993

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lenin in razliv by anatoly krisochenko

Anatoly Krisochenko

Lenin in Razliv, 1985

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circus by tengiz mirzashvili

Tengiz Mirzashvili

Circus, 1991

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holocaust (from shriek series) by ernst neizvestny

Ernst Neizvestny

Holocaust (from Shriek series)

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