Skidmore Contemporary Art

Lori Larusso: Kitty Cake and Other New Paintings

Lori Larusso: Kitty Cake and Other New Paintings

Saturday, April 13, 2013Saturday, May 25, 2013

Santa Monica, CA USA

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 13th, 4-6 pm

Lori Larusso’s work explores the poetry of humble places, objects, and subjects in everyday life. This exhibition presents a selection of new paintings from her delicious ongoing series “It’s Not My Birthday, That’s Not My Cake.”

About these works, Lori Larusso has commented, “By isolating one aspect of the remembered experience, at a certain moment in time (“Happy Birthday” has been sung, the birthday boy/girl has made their wish and blown out the candles) there is a sweetness to what remains. These paintings celebrate the beauty of the object, the pure representation of the edible sculpture that is the birthday cake.”