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Fung Ming Chip: Meaning in Timeing

Fung Ming Chip: Meaning in Timeing

13ns1-6 by fung ming-chip

Fung Ming-Chip

13NS1-6, 2013

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Price on Request

Friday, November 8, 2013Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Hong Kong, China

Fung Ming Chip: Meaning in Timeing
8 November - 31 December 2013

Sin Sin Fine Art proudly presents Fung Ming Chip’s latest achievement, Meaning in Timeing, on view from 8 November to 31 December 2013. Fung Ming Chip is the first Hong Kong artist to be invited by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, to participate in an upcoming exhibition Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China, which is held from 11 December 2013 to 6 April 2014. In Meaning in Timeing, Fung Ming Chip delves further into the concept of time, which he has been investigating ever since he discovered that calligraphy is, essentially, the art of time.

This new series of twelve hanging scrolls, each with a small painting mounted above a large, delves further into the concept of time. The small paintings, all contain a continuation of the numerical sequence and an image from the twelve daylight hours. The large image below contains the continuation of number series and an image to engage in dialogue with the above. Using line, continuity and perceived meaning of image, Fung maintains the characteristic of calligraphy, without Chinese characters.