Hooyar Asadian (Gallery 2)

Hooyar Asadian (Gallery 2)

Teheran, Iran Friday, November 1, 2013Thursday, November 7, 2013
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Hooyar Asadian


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Teheran, Iran
Friday, November 1, 2013Thursday, November 7, 2013

HOOYAR ASADIAN: Mirror is light and prosperity promise,therefore people put it infront of the groom and bride.
The light of 'Best Existence' is cheerfulness of 'Grüdmän' and paradise. Who ever is evil, if looks in mirror, it will turn dark. Mirror is realistic and real reflection, if you look deep, it looks deep into you. from inside out, it will tell if there is accordance or discordance between the inner you and what is reflected, it means: what you are within and not what you are pretending. As “Jung” said human can be the endless process of individuation and perfection,or in the chains of devilish temptations of shadow and denial of humanity.
Human and Animal, have been living in the same habitat from long time ago. It has been 10.000 years since first stages of domesticating. Human Beings have profited by them to provide food, cloth, dwelling and eventually comfort. During these times there might have been rough times, times that he needed to survive, push him to a tragic slaughtering of animals, or a continuous necessity, drive him to love and keep some of them, for example; dog, cow, goat, fowl. They also have their own unique place in Iranian culture: Dog is an intelligent guardian for human, White rooster is an 'Ahürä' creature , that put 'DÏv' and 'Druj' to flight from house, Horse is a noble smart friend that has become a mythical figure in people’s minds. Sometimes the rain making 'TïŠtar',displaying himself in the body of a beautiful white horse,and in folk tales a 'Korreye Daryäii'; a swift horse that helps human in his difficulties.
Some animals have good relationship with each other, like little birds,sitting on the back of the buffalos, hunting vicious insects. Some other are rapacious, just blindly doing what they want to do, without caring about a thing except their surviving, and everything is food or enemy to them. In these series I tried to capture and explicit my feelings.