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the mower by constantin meunier

Constantin Meunier

The Mower, 1892

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youth with a watersack by george minne

George Minne

Youth with a Watersack, 1897

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madame dufour in her kitchen by adolphe joseph thomas monticelli

Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli

Madame Dufour in Her Kitchen

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fountain in an interior courtyard by firmin perlin

Firmin Perlin

Fountain in an Interior Courtyard, 1769

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masked figures and two sketches of figures by félicien joseph victor rops

Félicien Joseph Victor Rops

Masked Figures and Two Sketches of Figures

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window column from the chicago stock exchange building by louis henri sullivan

Louis Henri Sullivan

Window Column from the Chicago Stock Exchange Building, 1893–1894

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the duke of chartres saves the engineer siret from drowning in august of 1791 in vendôme by emile jean horace vernet

Emile Jean Horace Vernet

The Duke of Chartres Saves the Engineer Siret from Drowning in August of 1791 in Vendôme, 1847

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study for orpheus and eurydice by george frederick watts

George Frederick Watts

Study for Orpheus and Eurydice, ca. 1860–ca. 1870

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mask with mask and horn by alfred wickenburg

Alfred Wickenburg

Mask with Mask and Horn

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