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fountain in an interior courtyard by firmin perlin

Firmin Perlin

Fountain in an Interior Courtyard, 1769

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portrait of the artist's wife by boris izrailovich anisfeld

Boris Izrailovich Anisfeld

Portrait of the Artist's Wife, 1904–1905

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the mower by constantin meunier

Constantin Meunier

The Mower, 1892

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head and upper torso of a reclining woman by anton einsle

Anton Einsle

Head and Upper Torso of a Reclining Woman

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full-length self-portrait by jean-baptiste isabey

Jean-Baptiste Isabey

Full-Length Self-Portrait, 1791

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log house with woodpile, men throwing stones by carl josef alois agricola

Carl Josef Alois Agricola

Log House with Woodpile, Men Throwing Stones, 1810

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madame dufour in her kitchen by adolphe joseph thomas monticelli

Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli

Madame Dufour in Her Kitchen

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window column from the chicago stock exchange building by louis henri sullivan

Louis Henri Sullivan

Window Column from the Chicago Stock Exchange Building, 1893–1894

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