Selker Fine Art

untitled by john saccaro

John Saccaro

Untitled, 1960

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color study for south moon under by eugene savage

Eugene Savage

Color Study for South Moon Under, 1935

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paths and edges #4 by richard serra

Richard Serra

Paths and Edges #4, 2007

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untitled by waldemar smolarek

Waldemar Smolarek

Untitled, 1962

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untitled by julian stanczak

Julian Stanczak

Untitled, ca. 1970

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study for ephemeral grouping #2 date by julian stanczak

Julian Stanczak

Study for Ephemeral Grouping #2 Date, 1968

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entering the brothel by théophile alexandre steinlen

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen

Entering the Brothel

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ile de djerba by constantin terechkovitch

Constantin Terechkovitch

Ile de Djerba, 1961

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sailboats by emmanuel victor auguste marie de la villéon

Emmanuel Victor Auguste Marie de la Villéon

Sailboats, 1887

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