Selker Fine Art

entering the brothel by théophile alexandre steinlen

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen

Entering the Brothel

volcanic equinox by lita albuquerque

Lita Albuquerque

Volcanic Equinox, 1991

sail boats off the rocky mediterranean coast, france by antoine ponchin

Antoine Ponchin

Sail Boats Off the Rocky Mediterranean Coast, France, 1917

le train de banlieue by jean jules louis cavaillès

Jean Jules Louis Cavaillès

Le Train de Banlieue

memory of a trombone by john grazier

John Grazier

Memory of a Trombone, 1979

boulevard st. germain, paris by eugène galien-laloue

Eugène Galien-Laloue

Boulevard St. Germain, Paris

the central machine: study for wheels by alice aycock

Alice Aycock

The Central Machine: Study for Wheels, 1979

shell (from

Robert Rauschenberg

Shell (from "Stoned Moon" series), 1969

the flag by anthony hyde

Anthony Hyde

The Flag, 1972

victoire 1945 (v-day) by jean louis marcel cosson

Jean Louis Marcel Cosson

Victoire 1945 (V-day), May 8, 1945

silent partner by jim shaw

Jim Shaw

Silent Partner, 1981

one fell swoop by george herms

George Herms

One Fell Swoop, 1997

untitled by craig kauffman

Craig Kauffman

Untitled, 1979

protruding in red by julian stanczak

Julian Stanczak

Protruding in Red, 1987

untitled- study by jonathan lasker

Jonathan Lasker

Untitled- study, 1992

white shaman by nathan oliveira

Nathan Oliveira

White Shaman, 1981