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the WALL show - wall hung works by 8 sculptors

the WALL show - wall hung works by 8 sculptors

Sonoma, CA USA Wednesday, March 7, 2012Monday, June 4, 2012
the wall show - wall hung works by 8 sculptors

the WALL show - wall hung works by 8 sculptors

Sonoma, CA USA
Wednesday, March 7, 2012Monday, June 4, 2012

Sonoma, CA – March 4, 2012 – a new leaf gallery| sculpturesite is pleased to announce the exhibition: the WALL show – wall hung works by 8 sculptors, on view from March 7 through June 4, 2012. An opening reception will take place March 7 from 4-6pm.

We are delighted to present a fascinating group exhibition of wall-hung works by eight sculptors in glass, metal, ceramic, and mixed media. Featured artists are: Mary Shaffer, Deanne Sabeck, Silvia Poloto, JP Long, Emil Alzamora, Mark Chatterley, James Moore and Richard Taylor.

Sculptors have traditionally staked their territory in the center of places: rooms, plazas or gardens. They left walls to the painters because they felt compelled to pull focus into the living areas, energize space and confront us with works we simply could not ignore, works we could not push back to the perimeters of our lives. In this exhibition, we give sculptors wall space and see how they make the walls pop right back into our living space!

Mary Shaffer is well known as a pioneer in studio art glass and is recognized for inventing “mid-air” glass slumping in the 70’s. “In Mary Shaffer's hands”, writes art critic James Yood in his New Art Examiner review, “glass does more or less the same work that dreams do. It slips around ordinary objects and, fluid as wind and just as transparent …, utterly distorts the quotidian shape of things.” Shaffer has experimented with glass in many ways –and has repeatedly made glass do what she was told was impossible. We are pleased to present an installation of five of Shaffer’s Tools, made of glass and recycled metal, a body of work she has revisited several times over her career.

Deanne Sabeck also works in glass and metal, and as Mary Shaffer, she is fascinated with light. She employs dichroic glass in elaborate mosaics to split the spectrum and cast diaphanous splashes of color on the wall. Two wall pieces using very different color palettes are included in this exhibition.

Silvia Poloto is showing pieces from two different bodies of work. Her red infused, resin finished, mixed-media narrow vertical pieces and her high contrast photographic prints over aluminum boxes.

JP Long has carried his geometric Primary series onto the wall with two works, one based on circles and the other one on squares. Both masterfully contrast blackened steel with pure pigment areas. And for viewers who linger long enough, the shadows of the painted back sides are a subtle surprise.

Emil Alzamora is showing three different installations of his Curio, composed of 8” tall figures, each individually created from cast ceramic body parts, with a rusted iron finish. One installation consists of 19 expressive figures, one of 10 and one of 5.

Mark Chatterley has a flight of Crows walking up one wall; Richard Taylor shows a subtle composition, between sculpture and painting, that takes us to a place of distant memories; James Moore plays with two dimensional spheres floating as planets in his newest mixed media works.

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