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Kati Casida, Space Dance

Kati Casida, Space Dance

heartthrob by kati casida

Kati Casida


orange peal by kati casida

Kati Casida

Orange Peal

red wings by kati casida

Kati Casida

Red Wings

sun kissed by kati casida

Kati Casida

Sun Kissed

Thursday, March 18, 2010Saturday, June 5, 2010

San Francisco, CA USA

"My sculptures imply motion," explains Kati Casida, "a continuous passage through space - thrust, undulation, rhythm, inside, outside, and around." Borrowing from her training in modern dance, Casida transposed the cadence of the body into a unique contemporary sculptural tempo. "Rhythms of Greek and Cypriot dances," Casida continues, "and my study of modern dance patterns help me to realize how I want to cut through space with my materials and colors."

In addition to dance, Casida studied painting, etching, lithography, textile printing, and woodcut. After two decades of artistic production she finally found her way to sculpture. She began making small models that could be fabricated into large sculptures for public sites. "Immediately I experienced a new sense of freedom and movement," she explains, "All those lessons learned in dance, printmaking and painting came into play with each sculpture." Since that time she has spent the last thirty years in constant sculptural production.

Sculpturesite Gallery is pleased to present Space Dance an exhibition of painted aluminum sculpture by Bay Area artist, Kati Casida.

Reception: April 15th from 5:30 to 7:30