Scott White Contemporary Art

California Contemporary: A Summer Group Show

California Contemporary: A Summer Group Show

San Diego, CA USA Friday, May 13, 2011Saturday, September 3, 2011
hania ankti (warrior dance repeated) by eric w. johnson

Eric W. Johnson

Hania Ankti (Warrior Dance Repeated), 2003

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three bears by deborah oropallo

Deborah Oropallo

Three Bears, 2011

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tony and clark by kyungmi shin

Kyungmi Shin

Tony and Clark, 2010

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San Diego, CA USA
Friday, May 13, 2011Saturday, September 3, 2011

Opening Reception: Friday, May 13th, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.


Scott White Contemporary Art is pleased to present California Contemporary; a summer group show that explores what it means to be a contemporary artist in California. The following artists will be presenting work: Gregg Renfrow, Ruth Pastine, Eric Johnson, Deborah Oropallo, Kim McCarty, Kyungmi Shin, William Glen Crooks, John McCormick, Chris Reilly, and Robert Treat.

The opening reception will take place on Friday, May 13, 2011 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. in conjunction with Kettner Nights. Light refreshments will be served.


Scott White Contemporary Art presents California Contemporary, a summer group exhibition by gallery artists working and living in California. Through this exhibition we will explore the societal, political, and geographical influences that artists encounter on a daily basis, and how they interpret, or reject, these elements through their art. California Contemporary is also looking to explore whether our artists cater to the idealistic image of California, or if they are representing the reality of the cultural landscape that permeates the state.

With works by Gregg Renfrow, Ruth Pastine, Eric Johnson, Deborah Oropallo, Kim McCarty, Kyungmi Shin, William Glen Crooks, John McCormick, Chris Reilly, and Robert Treat, this exhibition promises to show diversity in technique, medium, and subject matter, ranging from ethereal oil on canvas landscapes, to vibrant urban photography, to washes of pigment on acrylic panel and others.

Three artists represent the state of California by adapting and reworking the Light and Space movement born during the 1960’s in Los Angeles. Gregg Renfrow, Ruth Pastine, and Eric Johnson explore this theme through polymer and pigment on acrylic, oil painting, and cast resin sculpture, respectively. Renfrow, Pastine, and Johnson stay true to the original ideals of the interaction of color, space, and light. Gregg Renfrow has lived and worked in San Francisco since the 1970’s, where he developed techniques that allow the pigments and acrylic to react and change with the transitioning surrounding light. Ruth Pastine hails from New York City where modern art was at her fingertips, ultimately inspiring her work in color field painting. Moving to Los Angeles gave her a cultural environment to translate deep fields of oil paint into studies of light, visual tension, and color saturation. Los Angeles’ Eric Johnson is a leader in the next generation of the Light & Space movement. By combining brightly colored resin with expressive twisting forms, his work is given an air of freshness and animation.

Working in the San Francisco Bay Area, and having studied at University of California, Berkeley, Deborah Oropallo’s work resonates with the spirit of this outspoken location. In her most recent work, Oropallo looks to the tradition of fairytales to empower the women of these fables. Complex compositions of color and pixilated imagery create a visceral narrative of modern times.

Kim McCarty maintains a residence outside of Los Angeles, and stands as the sole watercolorist. Working fluidly in sun-kissed colors, McCarty is influenced by the ever-fleeting moments in life and nature.

Also residing in Los Angeles is photographer Kyungmi Shin, who absorbs the urban landscape and realigns images of buildings to create complex collages bursting with color and form. The result is a meditative study of the urban experience.

William Glen Crooks, a San Diego native, and John McCormick, hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, represent their California experience in a literal sense, through painted landscapes. While Crooks has an increasingly realist approach, McCormick has a softer and nearly impressionistic style. Both artists capture the sublime beauty of their surroundings through light and color.

Finally, Chris Reilly and Robert Treat are both local San Diegans and encaustic painters. However, their similarities stop here. Reilly is inspired by themes of nature, spirituality, and the transience of life, and Treat explores linear containment through abstract forms suspended in a semi-translucent wash of wax.

These artists continue to create and represent the finest contemporary art available in California. Each artist also brings years of experience, accolades, and deep exhibition histories.