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Pablo Soria: Nocturnal

Pablo Soria: Nocturnal

Friday, May 3, 2013Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chicago, IL USA

Schneider Gallery is pleased to present Pablo Soria: Nocturnal. The long exposure, an extended period in which photographic film or sensor is exposed to light, produces a flattened space where time collapses within a singular image. It is within this space that Pablo Soria makes varied attempts to negotiate his relationship to his homeland, San Miguel de Tucumán in Argentina. Using the darkened night sky as a means to “draw out” his compositions, Soria strategically moves about the frame, his apparition appearing in some images while others only depicting the residual products of his actions. Through the manipulation of light, he renders the familiar unfamiliar and presents the viewer with images referencing his memory of place. Memory’s haze provides the screen that Soria utilizes to explore what it means to return home.

In a similar bent, Caleb Charland’s recent work looks to expand and exploit the “glitches” in traditional photographic processes to capture experiences that normally remain unseen. His work is both a playful looking at how photography functions, but also a reflection of how we engage with the world around us. With multiple and long exposures, Charland duplicates actions, renders the microscopic visible, and performs what appear to be magical feats, only possible thanks to photography. The images call to the viewer for further investigation. By combining science and art into his practice; Charland’s photographs provide a site for considering the latent aspects of our surrounding environment.

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