Schneider Gallery

Marc Hauser: Body Language

Marc Hauser: Body Language

Friday, January 11, 2013Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chicago, IL USA

Schneider Gallery is pleased to present Body Language, an exhibition of works by Marc Hauser. Hauser chronicles the personal histories of those in front of the camera via the indelible marks on their skin, their tattoos. This vibrant series directly references the tradition of portraiture through the use of the recognizable photographer’s studio with its painted backdrop; however, those depicted are unmistakably contemporary. Hauser adroitly captures a cross-section of our local population, each with a story to tell.

Marc Hauser is an internationally recognized portrait photographer who has worked with a multitude of diverse, high profile personalities, from Michael Jordan to John Waters. While his various bodies of work are visually distinct, he continually employs the camera to record his sitters clearly and honestly, resulting in what could be referred to as “beautiful documents.”