SCAI The Bathhouse/Shiraishi Contemporary Art Inc.

Mariko Mori

(Japanese, b. 1967)

flat stone (detail) by mariko mori

Mariko Mori

Flat Stone (detail), 2007

higher being iii by mariko mori

Mariko Mori

Higher Being III, 2013

sun pillar by mariko mori

Mariko Mori

Sun Pillar, 2010

tom na h - iu by mariko mori

Mariko Mori

Tom Na H - iu, 2006



Born in Tokyo, Japan
Currently lives and works in New York
Graduates from Bunka Fashion College
1989 - 1992
Chelsea College of Art, Londres
1989 - 1998
Byam Shaw School of Art, Londres
1992 - 1993
Whitney Museum of American Art, Independnet Study Program, New York


MACRO, Rome (solo)
Louise.T Bouin Foundation, London (solo)
Aarhus Museum, Retrospective, Aarhus, Denmark (solo)
Groninger Museum, Retrospective, Groningen, Holland (solo)
"Beginning of the End", Albion Gallery, London, UK (solo)
"Primal Memory", Kyodo Museum, Chino, Japan (solo)
"Tom Na H-iu", SCAI/Shiraishi Contemporary Art, Inc., Tokyo (solo)
Aomori Museum, Chikano Yasuta, Aomori City, Amori, Japan
Singapore Biennale, Singapore
Kyodo Museum, Toyohira Chino City, Nagano, Japan