Savvy Collector

american express train by currier & ives (publishers)

Currier & Ives (Publishers)

American Express Train, 1864

21,000 USD

king oscar ii by anders zorn

Anders Zorn

King Oscar II, 1898

2,200–3,500 USD

study for windy night stockholm by muirhead bone

Muirhead Bone

Study for Windy Night Stockholm, 1935

1,800 USD

white beach by grace borgenicht

Grace Borgenicht

White Beach, 1960

550 USD

red breasted sandpiper by john james audubon

John James Audubon

Red Breasted Sandpiper, 1836

2,800 USD

toward the close of day by william crothers fitler

William Crothers Fitler

Toward the Close of Day, after 1871

6,500 USD

pass coming up by benton murdoch spruance

Benton Murdoch Spruance

Pass Coming Up, 1938

6,500 USD