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Udo Noger - Water Has No Figuration

Udo Noger - Water Has No Figuration

innere farbe by udo nöger

Udo Nöger

Innere Farbe, 2011

inside 5 by udo nöger

Udo Nöger

Inside 5, 2014

wasser gleichend 2 and 3 by udo nöger

Udo Nöger

Wasser Gleichend 2 and 3, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Avenue G2

Santa Monica, CA USA

Ruth Bachofner Gallery is pleased to present "Water Has No Figuration", an exhibition of new work by Udo Nöger. There will be a reception for the artist Saturday, March 8, 5-7 PM.

In this latest body of work, Udo Nöger continues his interest in light and its manifestations. Using a combination of material manipulation and traditional painting techniques, Nöger creates works which give light physicality and dispel tactility of dimensional applications.

Noger's goal in working with light is not to dematerialize the art object, but rather to harness light and transform it through his objects. The works, mostly three inches thick, are vessels for a symbiotic relationship between painting and context. Light gathers into, and bounces around constructed masses and voids. These aperture-like spaces are obscured beneath a thin veil of specially treated, slightly opaque fabric stretched taut over a complex armature. The layered constructions include painted compositions, which manifest as bold graphic gestures, or gentle iterations on the fabric's surface that project an airy luminosity. The nebulous images float over and become part of what seems to be infinite space that is constantly in flux as light conditions shift. Even the most subtle change in light brings hints of color, foggy grey or stark white. Nöger's remarkably buoyant works belie their weighty, technically complex infrastructure which literally draws in, entraps and give form to light.

Nöger’s work has been shown in numerous national and international solo exhibitions including the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, The Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Missouri, The Art and Cultural Center, Maui, Murat Institute of Art, Freiburg, Germany, Kunsthalle, Krems, Austria, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Jose, Costa Rica. His work resides in numerous private and public collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Art Institute of Chicago, Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Microsoft, San Francisco and Chicago, and The Margulies Collection, Miami.

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