Ruth Bachofner Gallery

David Kapp

David Kapp

west east by david kapp

David Kapp

West East, 2012

venice boardwalk by david kapp

David Kapp

Venice Boardwalk, 2012

go by david kapp

David Kapp

Go, 2012

cyclist and sign by david kapp

David Kapp

Cyclist and Sign, 2012

broadway from 155th by david kapp

David Kapp

Broadway From 155th, 2012

4 cars by david kapp

David Kapp

4 Cars, 2012

Saturday, January 12, 2013Saturday, March 2, 2013

Santa Monica, CA USA

Ruth Bachofner Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition of paintings by David Kapp. There will be a reception for the artist, Saturday, January 12, 4 - 6 PM.

David Kapp was born and raised in New York and has painted the city since the 1970's. Kapp’s paintings extract the dramatic contrasts, harmonies, collisions and forms of urban movement through a graceful shift between abstraction and representation. Images of traffic, buildings and pedestrians from skewed aerial perspectives have become signature for the artist, as have specific subject-matters. Kapp has revisited certain views and streetscapes, yet, these same subjects arrive in fresh ways with each new body of work. It is the perspective and light, in particular, that continually evolve in Kapp’s work and find ever-varying incarnations in images that have become tools for expression, rather than literal portraits of his surroundings.

In his latest body of work, Kapp’s early graphic, slightly raw quality reemerges with new perspectives of light that assimilate influences from both New York and Los Angeles. After several stays on the West Coast, a new more diffuse light permeates certain pieces, which are clearly inspired by and depict areas of Los Angeles. While many of Kapp’s New York-based paintings are recognizable as such, with strong verticality binding in long boulevards of abstracted vehicles, these paintings too have awakened with a stronger, more vibrant palette and pronounced brushstrokes that evoke his influences from Franz Klein.

David Kapp has received two Awards from The American Academy of Arts and Letters along with a Rosenthal Foundation award. His work is in many public and private collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Academy of Design, and The Mint Museum of Art.