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Audra Weaser: True North

Audra Weaser: True North

gold grace by audra weaser

Audra Weaser

Gold Grace, 2013

blue spell by audra weaser

Audra Weaser

Blue Spell, 2013

in sleep by audra weaser

Audra Weaser

In Sleep, 2013

moon shine by audra weaser

Audra Weaser

Moon Shine, 2013

hot house by audra weaser

Audra Weaser

Hot House, 2013

green surround by audra weaser

Audra Weaser

Green Surround, 2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013Saturday, June 1, 2013

Santa Monica, CA USA

Ruth Bachofner Gallery is pleased to present True North, an exhibition of new work by Audra Weaser. There will be a reception for the artist Saturday, April 20, 5- 7 PM.

In True North, Audra Weaser continues her investigation into abstraction, filtered through the artist’s experiences in nature and personal memories. While Weaser’s paintings read as landscapes, her approach rests in the realm of abstraction, where intuition and material process play off one another. Through her rigorous layering and reductive process, Weaser strikes a balance between a Turner-like notion of the sublime forces in nature, with the visual and technical intents similar to the French impressionists.

Weaser creates her work by layering numerous coats of specially mixed acrylic and then excavating through a top layer of white. Flecks and sparks of pigment emerge through chalky white paint, creating the suggestion of a distant landscape or light reflecting on rippling water, striking against a frozen plane or breaking through a misty forest. Each painting resonates a distinct emotional pitch driven by a limited palette and varied scales. Dominating the exhibition is a 6 x 16 ft mural-like painting. The piece has an all-enveloping feeling, where the physicality of paint and hazy landscape equally guide the viewing experience.

“In True North,” the artist states, “the part of art making that fascinates me the most is the unknown - not knowing how one glaze over another color will look in the outcome. Instinctively things get off balance, which for me is the perfection of the moment of being lost. It is being present in that time; so as to trust in your next move. My paintings are a desire to experience the extraordinary and reconnect to the unseen through painting as a poetic experience."

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