JeongMee Yoon: The Pink and Blue Project

JeongMee Yoon: The Pink and Blue Project

jeonghoon and his blue things by yoon jeongmee

Yoon JeongMee

Jeonghoon and His Blue Things

joohun and his blue things by yoon jeongmee

Yoon JeongMee

Joohun and His Blue Things

celine and her pink things by yoon jeongmee

Yoon JeongMee

Celine and Her Pink Things

ethan and his blue things by yoon jeongmee

Yoon JeongMee

Ethan and His Blue Things

seowoo and her pink things by yoon jeongmee

Yoon JeongMee

SeoWoo and Her Pink Things

steve and his blue things by yoon jeongmee

Yoon JeongMee

Steve and His Blue Things

Tuesday, January 9, 2007Tuesday, February 27, 2007

San Francisco, CA USA

Rosier Gallery is pleased to present color photographs from the series “The Pink and Blue Project” by JeongMee Yoon from January 9th through February 27th, 2007.

JeongMee Yoon photographs young children in their rooms surrounded by their clothing, toys and accessories. For the girls, these rooms and objects are uniformly pink, visualizing sweetness and femininity, while for the boys, the pervasive blue coloring references their strength and masculinity.

Are these color choices, across all the ethnic groups depicted in the series, the innate preferences of children? Or do they result from pervasive cultural and advertising influences now nearly universally experienced? While the answers to these questions remain ambiguous, the material abundance of our society and a parent’s love of their child pervade the series. These commonalities are striking, but subtle differences, such as objects illuminating the multi-lingual environment for some children in our multi-cultural world, remain equally illustrative.

JeongMee Yoon’s photographs are distinguished by their bold, vibrant colors and hyper-realistic depiction of the children and their clothing, toys and accessories. The ordered display of these objects references a museum collection, a theme explored in Yoon’s earlier work, emphasizing the importance of the objects to the child and as a vehicle for communicating an individual’s personality and values. The resulting vivid “wall of color” embodied in the photographs offers an imagery that reinforces the thematic qualities of the work.

JeongMee Yoon’s work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including the Busan Biennale and Gwangju Biennale in South Korea, Casa Asia in Barcelona, Spain, Paris Cinema in Paris, France, The 12th Annual International Exhibition in New York City, The Photographic Center Northwest Gallery in Seattle, Washington and at the Perkins Center for the Arts in New Jersey. Her work has won numerous awards, including the prestigious 2006 Daum Prize, presented by the Geonhi Art Foundation, Seoul, South Korea. The artist earned both a B.F.A from Seoul National University and a M.F.A from Hong-Ik University in South Korea and in 2006 received her M.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She is currently preparing for her forth solo exhibition in South Korea. JeongMee was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1969 and currently splits her time between Seoul and New York City.