Extraordinary Photographs IV

Extraordinary Photographs IV

Rosier GalleryBerkeley, CA USA Thursday, September 12, 2013Tuesday, January 7, 2014
a waitress at a nudist camp, n.j. by diane arbus

Diane Arbus

A Waitress at a Nudist Camp, N.J., 1963

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hula hoops, monaco by damion berger

Damion Berger

Hula Hoops, Monaco

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time out by julie blackmon

Julie Blackmon

Time Out

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tetrarch, 12.31pm by christopher bucklow

Christopher Bucklow

Tetrarch, 12.31pm, November 16, 2005

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muta-morphosis, bodrum, turkey #1 by murat germen

Murat Germen

Muta-morphosis, Bodrum, Turkey #1

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antonia by loretta lux

Loretta Lux


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the best general view by florian maier-aichen

Florian Maier-Aichen

The Best General View, 2007

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perito moreno, plate i, patagonia by caleb cain marcus

Caleb Cain Marcus

Perito Moreno, Plate I, Patagonia, 2010

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world's fastest mobile home (96 mph) by richard misrach

Richard Misrach

World's Fastest Mobile Home (96 mph)

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mittaghorn by michael schnabel

Michael Schnabel

Mittaghorn, 2003

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single wanderer by thomas wrede

Thomas Wrede

Single Wanderer, 2001

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seohyun and her pink things by yoon jeongmee

Yoon JeongMee

Seohyun and Her Pink Things

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Rosier Gallery
Berkeley, CA USA
Thursday, September 12, 2013Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rosier Gallery is pleased to present our "Extraordinary Photographs IV" exhibit from September 12 – January 7, 2014. The show offers collectors the opportunity to examine a rich, diverse selection of captivating images by a wide-range of leading contemporary photographers.

Florian Maier-Aichen reinvigorates landscape photography with his intellectually intriguing, romantically beautiful, digitally altered images. Not unearthly like other works in the artist’s oeuvre, The Best General View begins by honoring earlier artists Carlton Watkins and Ansel Adams who documented these spectacular Yosemite Valley, California surroundings with a scale appropriate for this landscape. But instead of following the objectivity path of his native Germany’s Dusseldorf School, Maier-Aichen utilizes a wide range of subtle, logically incorrect but emotionally resonating, computer enhancements to create this majestic, idealized image.

Christopher Bucklow’s Tetrarch 12.31pm is a striking example of the artist’s other-worldly photograms of radiant men and women set against backgrounds of color. Made without a camera through a complex multi-step process, the resulting unique photogram silhouette is composed of thousands of pinhole photographs of the sun to capture the spiritual essence of his subject.

Adam Fuss’ Journey, is one of the artist’s iconic images of a baby moving within a tray of shallow water. The water’s ripples, drops and eddies attest to the baby’s movement and inspire us to contemplate larger metaphysical meanings: life’s origin, energy, spontaneity and the ephemeral.

Loretta Lux’s Girl with Crossed Arms and Antonia are portraits of children seemingly wise beyond their years. The artist creates these imaginary environments by separately photographing children and her painted backgrounds and digitally combining and altering the result to offer us these captivating images.

The gallery is always eager to share further information with collectors about both the above and additionally featured work by Diane Arbus, Julie Blackmon, Marilyn Minter, Alec Soth, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Thomas Wrede and Massimo Vitali and the exceptional images within the following series from the gallery’s artists:

Murat Germen's Muta-morphosis features extraordinary photographs of ordinary urban vistas to spark the viewer's inquisitiveness through this unusual view of familiar surroundings. As an urban planner and architect, the artist sees the city environment as a dynamic living organism that constantly evolves. Our great cities are changed and ultimately re-invented by the interplay of history, individual people, communities, globalization, economic imperatives and numerous other factors. Muta-morphosis, the artist's conception synthesizing mutation and metamorphosis, is reflected within the series by digitally manipulating the images across one axis.

Caleb Cain Marcus’ Portrait of Ice moves from documentation to artistic creation by capturing images without the reference point of a visible horizon. The artist personalizes our connection to these magnificent glaciers by capturing vertical, portrait-like images instead of a traditional horizontal framing of the work. By emphasizing “instinctual color” within the work, instead the sea of white glacier archetype, these works bypass our brain’s filtering mechanism and communicate directly with our soul.

Michael Schnabel's Stille Berge, or “Silent Mountains” in German, represents a fulfillment of the artist’s quest to push photography toward painting and finding heavier, darker tones more intriguing, ultimately toward the pursuit of investigating photography without light. These efforts reached fruition within the mountains as the artist captured the tranquility and feeling of raw creation and aloofness that the Alps of today lack during the day.

JeongMee Yoon's The Pink and Blue Project depicts young children in their rooms surrounded by their clothing, toys and accessories. For the girls, these rooms and objects are uniformly pink, while for the boys, blue. While the answers to whether these color choices are innate preferences or cultural influences remain ambiguous, the material abundance of our society and a parent’s love for their child pervade the series.

Rosier Gallery specializes in contemporary photography. We strive to introduce collectors and corporations to photographers who create visually unique, compelling images that raise issues in a thought-provoking, nuanced manner. Rosier Gallery has served clients around the world, including in Europe, South America and the Middle East, and across the United States, including in California, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Minnesota and Ohio, and corporations including Microsoft and Time-Warner. We will always maintain our collector perspective and strive to work with collectors and corporations on a long-term basis to help initiate or build your collection.