Extraordinary Photographs

Extraordinary Photographs

untitled by adam fuss

Adam Fuss


untitled by adam fuss

Adam Fuss


a waitress at a nudist camp, n.j. by diane arbus

Diane Arbus

A Waitress at a Nudist Camp, N.J., 1963

still life with pumpkin by justine reyes

Justine Reyes

Still Life With Pumpkin

untitled (chalkboard 16) by matthew gamber

Matthew Gamber

Untitled (Chalkboard 16)

ortonville farmers co-op, ortonville, minnesota by chris faust

Chris Faust

Ortonville Farmers Co-op, Ortonville, Minnesota

Thursday, March 3, 2011Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Berkeley, CA USA

Rosier Gallery is pleased to present our second "Extraordinary Photographs" exhibit from March 3 - May 31, 2011. The show features work from both the world's leading contemporary photographers and several of the gallery's primary artists.

Among the highlights of the exhibition are two unique, large-format Adam Fuss images, one from his "Snake Powder" series and one from the artist's "Water Drops" works. A Lalla Essaydi photograph, "Converging Territories #7" will be included, as well as one of Diane Arbus' signature works, "Young Waitress at a Nudist Camp, N.J.". Also on view will be work from noted contemporary photographers Julie Blackmon, Loretta Lux, Matthew Pillsbury and Thomas Wrede.

"Extraordinary Photographs" additionally includes wonderful images from recent Rosier Gallery exhibitions:

Matthew Gamber's "None of the Things It Contemplates Is Present" depicts the erased remains of innumerous chalk writings on black slate school chalkboards, rendered in large-scale black and white photographs. The images do not portray a uniformly black surface, but rather a wide array of abstract, almost ghostly, imagery created by decades of repeated erasures of chalk from the blackboard surface.

Chris Faust's "Nocturnes" illuminate a sometimes hidden and often disappearing traditional Midwestern landscape with his unique night photographs. Captured with only ambient light, these panoramic images beautifully display subtle tone gradations and textures.

Matthew Monteith's "Czech Eden" conveys both wonder and loneliness, not as a reflection the Czech Republic, but rather the artist's experience as an outsider in a country replete with contractions and an uncertain future. With their restraint, brilliant color, and thoughtful attention to the uncanny within the everyday, Monteith's photographs parallel a venerable tradition of Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld and most recently Alec Soth.

Justine Reyes' "Vanitas" echoes the "still life" appearance and generally darker palette of traditional Dutch vanitas painting. By utilizing the contemporary medium of photography and augmenting signature vanitas objects such as wilting flowers, decaying fruit and skulls with modern items belonging to her and her grandmother including saran wrap, plastics, photographs and a metal King Kong lunchbox, Ms. Reyes both evolves the images into our current era while creating a deeply personal body of work.

Rosier Gallery specializes in contemporary photography with a focus on outstanding mid-career and emerging photographers. We strive to introduce collectors and corporations around the world to photographers who create visually unique, compelling images that raise issues in a thought-provoking, nuanced manner. Rosier Gallery has served clients around the world, including in Europe, South America and the Middle East, and across the United States, including in California, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Minnesota and Ohio, and corporations including Microsoft and Time-Warner. We will always maintain our collector perspective and strive to work with collectors and corporations on a long-term basis to help initiate or build your collection.