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Enrique Brinkmann - Painting in Space: The Dilemma of Gesture

Enrique Brinkmann - Painting in Space: The Dilemma of Gesture

taurus by enrique brinkmann

Enrique Brinkmann

Taurus, 2013

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Friday, February 7, 2014Saturday, March 29, 2014

37 Rathbone Street
London, United Kingdom

Following the inaugural UK retrospective of Spanish artist Enrique Brinkmann, The Poetics of Silence in 2011, which featured works covering a span of 50 years, rosenfeld porcini presents Painting in Space – The Dilemma of Gesture, a new exhibition showcasing the artist’s most recent work yet on both floors of the gallery. Enrique Brinkmann is in essence a quintessentially European artist. His art is steeped in both the traditions of Spain and in the whole history of Western art. Like all great painters, his pictures are primarily about language; when one looks at his works – particularly post 1998, the originality of his approach and his unique poetic vision are immediately visible. Brinkmann has spent his whole artistic life pushing the boundaries of his art, while at the same time remaining totally true to his very particular vision.