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TERRY MAKER : Circumference

TERRY MAKER : Circumference

Denver, CO USA Wednesday, March 13, 2013Saturday, May 4, 2013

Denver, CO USA
Wednesday, March 13, 2013Saturday, May 4, 2013

Robischon Gallery is pleased to present four distinctive concurrent solo exhibitions exploring themes of magic-realism, phantasmagoria and the absurd. Referencing a vast range of art-historical and cross-cultural sources, artists Kahn + Selesnick, Christian Rex van Minnen, Terry Maker and Jeff Starr playfully provoke and engage via a complex mix of surreal storytelling and a fevered visual flux.

In “Circumference,” Colorado artist Terry Maker debuts her latest series of surreal-sized resin belts embellished with equally curious elements of outsized ammunition, staring eyeballs and out-of-place vertebrae. As in past series, the artist continues to infuse her chosen material with her inimitable generous wit, while furthering her exploration of humankind’s fundamental desire; reflecting our all-consuming longing for more. “Circumference” playfully shows the belt as an essential expression to how the measurement of the body reveals both our physical and psychological appetites. The scale of the belts gives pause while making visible such unwieldy subjects as: Bullet Belt on a Nail which invokes the passionate contemporary dialogue on guns and power; Eyeball Belt on a Nail which recalls the colloquial expression, “eyes are too big for your stomach” and Jawbreaker Belt on a Nail, which recognizes the impossibly large jawbreaker candies as illustrative of the insurmountable obstacles encountered in attempting to satisfy our truly insatiable desires. Maker revitalizes her objects and re-assigns new meaning while her materials allude to the cyclical human state of “wanting,” exposing layers immediate and inaccessible and offering insights both visual and metaphoric. Terry Maker has a BA from McMurry University along with an MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her most recent museum solo exhibition “at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center followed several exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art along with an exhibition at the Ft. Collins Museum of Contemporary Art. Maker has been recognized with a Colorado Council on the Arts Grant. Her work has been featured in numerous gallery exhibitions, as well, and is included in many private collections.