sunrise, yorkshire by algernon cecil newton

Algernon Cecil Newton

Sunrise, Yorkshire

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clothes shop, harlem by edward burra

Edward Burra

Clothes Shop, Harlem, ca. 1931

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nuffin is reel by bob and roberta smith

Bob and Roberta Smith

Nuffin is Reel, 2002

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urban landscape with coloured chalk by frank auerbach

Frank Auerbach

Urban Landscape with Coloured Chalk

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drawing 1-2-72 by bob law

Bob Law

Drawing 1-2-72, 1972

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self portrait and wife by david inshaw

David Inshaw

Self Portrait and Wife, 1986

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sculptural objects by henry moore

Henry Moore

Sculptural Objects, 1953

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rock view estate by keith coventry

Keith Coventry

Rock View Estate, 1996

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pavement with concrete fragments and car and bicycle tyre tracks, london series by mark boyle

Mark Boyle

Pavement with concrete fragments and car and bicycle tyre tracks, London Series, 1979

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image of a fish god by alan davie

Alan Davie

Image of a Fish God, 1954

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turquoise, blue, yellow, red with black and white, increased black beat by bridget riley

Bridget Riley

Turquoise, Blue, Yellow, Red with Black and White, Increased Black Beat, 1981

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the fountain by edward burra

Edward Burra

The Fountain, 1931

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two women by frank dobson

Frank Dobson

Two Women, 1943

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rising movement no.1 by robert adams

Robert Adams

Rising movement No.1

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corpus ballet by john latham

John Latham

Corpus Ballet, 1955

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bird ii, opus 218 by lynn chadwick

Lynn Chadwick

Bird II, Opus 218, 1956–1957

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