Robert Kidd Gallery

Robert Schefman: Collected Knowledge

Robert Schefman: Collected Knowledge

Birmingham, MI, USA Saturday, May 12, 2012Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birmingham, MI, USA
Saturday, May 12, 2012Saturday, June 23, 2012

Join us for an opening reception on Saturday, May 12th, 5 - 8pm

We progress by an accumulation of information. We have the unique capability to implant a thought and to transfer information without experience. However, what are we contributing to posterity if certain thoughts and images are incomplete? How can we discover our past if we cannot access the information? This is the reference for the exhibition, “Collected Knowledge”, at Robert Kidd Gallery.

Americans like their information processed into nice, easily digestible slogans and sound bites. We grab information to suit our purpose, relying on distilled thoughts and truncated video experiences as needed. Knowledge for it’s own sake carries the limitless potential for combining random ideas into new thoughts. What is the implication of information reduced and isolated from a broader context? What becomes of the information stored in constantly changing formats? How will we access family photos stored on a outdated floppy disc instead of a trunk in grandma’s attic? Will I be able to discover the love letters that opened my father’s heart to my mother if they are on email? Artifacts last for hundreds or thousands of years; what about digital storage? Who will decide what knowledge is important enough to be re-formatted and moved forward? These are the notions considered in the new paintings.

- Robert Schefman . 2012