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DISTRICT (2012): Robert Drummond
SYN (2012): Artereazione + Consonant

DISTRICT (2012): Robert Drummond
SYN (2012): Artereazione + Consonant

Albuquerque, NM USA Thursday, September 13, 2012Friday, October 12, 2012

Albuquerque, NM USA
Thursday, September 13, 2012Friday, October 12, 2012

Robert Drummond
September 13 - October 12, 2012

SYN (2012)
Artereazione + Consonant
September 20 - October 12, 2012

ISEA Opening Reception: September 20th, 6-8 pm

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present DISTRICT (2012), an innovative project by digital media artist Robert Drummond. DISTRICT is an interactive, site-specific solo exhibition presented in participation with ISEA 2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness, the Eighteenth International Symposium on Electronic Art.

DISTRICT is designed to create an immersive community experience within the context of our increasingly solitary, device-focused culture. Using 3D imaging systems, DISTRICT captures the figures of gallery visitors and displays them onto large scale, state-of-the-art LED projection screens. The projected characters, or avatars, become colorful, ethereal light forms, which gallery participants can then manipulate through gesture and movement. Stored within the memory cache of DISTRICT as evolving "light-forms", each visitor becomes a part of this virtual community as it grows through the course of the exhibition and subsequent installation tour. Past forms are projected and interact with present participants, exploring the reciprocal relationship between a community and the individual.

Additional artworks by Drummond will also be on view.

A New Mexico-based video performance and installation artist, Robert Drummond integrates his work with site specific architecture, sculptural components, and interactive video. His installations have opened in London, Los Angeles, Santa Fe and national architectural venues such as the Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill designed Virginia Beach Convention Center.

In the gallery's project room, we will be hosting SYN, a dynamic installation by Artereazione + Consonant. Inspired by the synapses of the human brain, the connections where nerve impulses are transmitted from one neuron to another, SYN is constructed out of acrylic spheres and pvc tubes to create an artificial nervous system. Video-mapping technology pairs with social media as gallery visitors switch on the "social brain" by sending a tweet through SYN's dedicated application or their own personal device. These actions trigger surges of light impulses that travel throughout the sculpture, simulating the activity of a central nervous system and creating a unique audio-visual performance.

SYN is collaborative project produced by two Italian-based groups, Artereazione + Consonant, both directed by Mariano Leotta.

ISEA 2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness will be hosted in Albuquerque, NM, September 19-24, 2012, with extensive regional collaborations throughout the fall of 2012. ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art), an annual, international gathering aimed at bridging the gap between art and science, is partnering with over 50 institutions in New Mexico to explore the global discourse on the intersection of art, technology, and nature.

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