Icons & Symbols

Icons & Symbols

Beverly Hills, CA USA Thursday, February 14, 2013Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beverly Hills, CA USA
Thursday, February 14, 2013Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Revolver Gallery opens in Beverly Hills to celebrate the art world’s most celebrated entrepreneur; Andy Warhol.

April 16th, 2013 (Beverly Hills) Revolver Gallery at 9459 Charleville Blvd opens with an exclusive showing of the works of Andy Warhol entitled Icons & Symbols. The gallery is a passion project of owner Ron Rivlin, and is a symbol of his admiration for and success in the entertainment industry.

The gift of the entrepreneur is not only being in the right place at the right time, but having the vision to recognize opportunity and the courage to approach it with a sure step. Ron Rivlin is a master of combining the ingredients required for success in business, and his newest venture - Revolver Gallery in Beverly Hills, is no exception.

Rivlin’s is a story worth celebrating, and one which Warhol himself would admire. Ron Rivlin’s stream of business success began for him as the founder of Coast II Coast Entertainment, the premier boutique electronic and urban music Talent Management and Booking Agency. Through Coast II Coast, he assisted in the careers of artists such as Infected Mushroom, RUN DMC, Louie Vega, Felix da Housecat, and Junior Vasquez. Under his direction, his artists have performed to sold out crowds across the world and released #1 albums on the iTunes charts. Coast II Coast has been in operation for 15 years, and is the catalyst for other ventures for the serial entrepreneur, including a nightclub, restaurant and Hollywood hotspot The Hudson, and a social media marketing company.

Opening an art gallery was a natural progression for a successful entrepreneur with a lifetime fascination with Andy Warhol. Rivlin had purchased a personal collection of Warhols and was working at his office in Beverly Hills when he happened to notice a vacant space out of his corner office window. Vision met opportunity and Revolver Gallery was born.

"I have had a lifelong fascination with Warhol - he was the quintessential entrepreneur of artists. Having a gallery space where I may be surrounded by his work is inspiring and a representation of my lifelong goals. I love looking out my office window and seeing his work in our new space - even if we only own it for a moment - I feel honored to house his work in one of his favorite places - the mecca of celebrity culture - Los Angeles." Rivlin says.

Andy Warhol was a brilliant entrepreneur. Amongst other things, he was well known for his innovative methods of creating art that could be easily mass produced and, in the process, commenting on the very effects of mass-production in American culture. He was considered a curator of 60s cool - attracting celebrities, musicians and characters of the infamous New York culture of the time.

Warhol collected celebrities the way Rivlin collects screenprints. The gallery, after being open for only 2 months has amassed a collection of over 35 works for sale, and attracted buyers from the Beverly Hills community who themselves are artists and entertainers. Amongst the works is an original print of Edward Kennedy, created for the late Senator by Warhol as a contribution to his campaign. The work was purchased directly from Kennedy's widow to aid in the launch of the Edward Kennedy Charitable Foundation.

“Our clients are typically those who can relate to the lens through which Warhol saw the world. He saw beauty in the surface of celebrity. The idea of Hollywood and celebrity can sometimes seem to be a dirty word. People love to hate on the entertainment business - Warhol chose to celebrate it, and so do we." Rivlin says.

For additional information visit the Revolver Gallery website.