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Linda Geary: Inside Out | Sam Perry: New Works

Linda Geary: Inside Out | Sam Perry: New Works

San Francisco, CA, USA Thursday, October 28, 2010Saturday, December 4, 2010
hand forged by sam perry

Sam Perry

Hand Forged, 2010

Price on Request

San Francisco, CA, USA
Thursday, October 28, 2010Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reception: Thursday, November 4, 5:30-7:30PM

Linda Geary's exhibition, Inside Out, is a foray into her examination of her own artistic practice. Collages made over the past three years serve as source material for her current paintings. By re-visiting these earlier works, Geary questions the gestural components of painting, incorporating in her process the slow and methodical building up and breaking down of forms, resulting in the replication of her physical performance. Also on exhibit are two-panel works comprised of said collages paired with her actual color pallets. While the pallets/collages serve as studies for her larger works on canvas, they go beyond being simply repositories for the paint medium, capturing the activity of Geary's paintbrush as she oscillates between her options. In translating the works on paper from small scale to large and from paper, gouache and acrylic to oil on canvas, the repetition of the image becomes an opportunity for a fresh interpretation.

Geary was born in 1960, in Santa Rosa, California. She received a BFA from the University of San Diego (1982), and an MFA from the University of Delaware (1986), in painting. Geary has had solo exhibitions at Rose Burlingham Fine Art (2010) and the Bau Institute, Otranto/NY, Museo Ecologie Nationale, Otranto, Italy (2006). She currently teaches at California College of the Arts and lives and works in Oakland, CA.

In his current exhibition, sculptor Sam Perry continues to push his chosen medium of found wood from fallen trees even farther away from its origins. Initially, Perry gained an appreciation for manipulating the material into forms, spending weekends as a child at his father's shop in Hawaii. In his new body of work, Perry transforms dense logs to appear light, airy and delicate. Lyrical loops, ribbons, spirals and hourglass shapes rely on negative space to define the central axis and unify the highly formal compositions, varying his finishes to accentuate the form.

Mr. Perry was born in Kailua, HI; graduated from the former California College of Arts and Crafts with a BFA in 1986 and with an MFA in 1990. He currently lives and maintains a studio in Oakland, CA. His sculptures are included in California collections of the Di Rosa Preserve and the Runnymede Sculpture Farm. His work was recently exhibited at the Oakland Art Museum in 2008.