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42nd street & vanderbilt avenue, grand central station by johann berthelsen

Johann Berthelsen

42nd Street & Vanderbilt Avenue, Grand Central Station

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rhomb in black & white by ilya bolotowsky

Ilya Bolotowsky

Rhomb in Black & White, 1975

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village aux environs de dunkerque by eugène boudin

Eugène Boudin

Village aux Environs de Dunkerque

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porte st. martin, winter by edouard léon cortès

Edouard Léon Cortès

Porte St. Martin, Winter

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sacré coeur by edouard léon cortès

Edouard Léon Cortès

Sacré Coeur

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the lightning by montague dawson

Montague Dawson

The Lightning

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laitiere gardant ses vaches by julien dupré

Julien Dupré

Laitiere Gardant ses Vaches

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kittens playing with a pocket watch by charles h. van den eycken

Charles H. van den Eycken

Kittens Playing with a Pocket Watch, 1898

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the book of sonnets by william russell flint

William Russell Flint

The Book of Sonnets

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nadorstlaan à rotterdam by johan barthold jongkind

Johan Barthold Jongkind

Nadorstlaan à Rotterdam, 1869

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la vieille grange by louis aston knight

Louis Aston Knight

La Vieille Grange

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drying the clothes by daniel ridgway knight

Daniel Ridgway Knight

Drying the Clothes

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still life by edward ladell

Edward Ladell

Still Life

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a soldier's fancy by henri victor lesur

Henri Victor Lesur

A Soldier's Fancy

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tourrettes sur loup by anthony thieme

Anthony Thieme

Tourrettes sur Loup

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a romantic rendezvous by edouard toudouze

Edouard Toudouze

A Romantic Rendezvous

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