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a view of a town square with an auction taking place by nicolas antoine taunay

Nicolas Antoine Taunay

A View of a Town Square with an Auction taking place

a portrait of lady emma hamilton as cassandra , half length, in a white robe, a laurel wreath crowning her head by george romney

George Romney

A Portrait of Lady Emma Hamilton as Cassandra , Half Length, in a white Robe, a Laurel Wreath crowning her head

a winter landscape with the convent of san cosimato near tivoli by jules cesar denis van loo

Jules Cesar Denis van Loo

A Winter Landscape with the Convent of San Cosimato near Tivoli

the amsterdamse poort, haarlem by paulus constantijn la (la fargue) fargue

Paulus Constantijn la (La Fargue) Fargue

The Amsterdamse Poort, Haarlem

roses, jasmine, primroses and other flowers in an urn on a stone ledge by abraham brueghel

Abraham Brueghel

Roses, Jasmine, Primroses and other Flowers in an Urn on a Stone Ledge

a trompe l'oeil of a violin and a violin bow hanging from a red silk ribbon on by claes bellekin

Claes Bellekin

A Trompe L'Oeil of a Violin and a Violin Bow hanging from a Red Silk Ribbon on

a view of the harbour front of riviera di chiaia, naples by teodoro duclere

Teodoro Duclere

A View of the Harbour Front of Riviera di Chiaia, Naples

a capriccio harbour scene in a mediterranean bay by jacob de heusch

Jacob de Heusch

A Capriccio Harbour Scene in a Mediterranean Bay

a portrait of a young boy, full length in an embroidered dress and a feathered hat by van zelven

van Zelven

A Portrait of a Young Boy, Full Length in an embroidered Dress and a feathered Hat, 1605

a small english man-o-war firing a salute with small boats nearby by cornelis van de velde

Cornelis van de Velde

A Small English Man-o-War firing a Salute with Small Boats nearby

a dune landscape with figures by ludolf backhuysen the elder

Ludolf Backhuysen the Elder

A Dune Landscape with Figures

a portrait of the duca di chiesi, son of livio erba-odascalchi, duca di bracciano and vittoria corsini, half-length, seated, wearing a red velvet and fur trimmed jacket and lace collar by angelika kauffmann

Angelika Kauffmann

A Portrait of the Duca di Chiesi, son of Livio Erba-Odascalchi, Duca di Bracciano and Vittoria Corsini, Half-Length, seated, wearing a red Velvet and Fur trimmed Jacket and Lace Collar

elegant figures overseeing sculptors working on a statue of hercules and anateus in a palace courtyard by balthasar van den bossche

Balthasar van den Bossche

Elegant Figures overseeing Sculptors working on a Statue of Hercules and Anateus in a Palace Courtyard, 1709

a study of a peasant smoking a pipe by adriaen jansz van ostade

Adriaen Jansz van Ostade

A Study of a Peasant Smoking a Pipe, 1637

the israelites crossing the red sea by hans jordaens iii

Hans Jordaens III

The Israelites Crossing the Red Sea

two tigers before a cave in a mountainous landscape by george sturm

George Sturm

Two Tigers before a Cave in a mountainous Landscape