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kennebunkport at dusk by arthur j. beaumont

Arthur J. Beaumont

Kennebunkport at Dusk

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grouse and snow by frank weston benson

Frank Weston Benson

Grouse and Snow

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ipswich by john leslie breck

John Leslie Breck


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woodland idyll by john fabian carlson

John Fabian Carlson

Woodland Idyll, 1952

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the street beyond (gloucester, massachusetts) by paul cornoyer

Paul Cornoyer

The Street Beyond (Gloucester, Massachusetts)

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good harbor beach, gloucester by charles abel corwin

Charles Abel Corwin

Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, ca. 1905

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woman by a garden by julia henshaw dewey

Julia Henshaw Dewey

Woman by a Garden

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harbor scene by walter farndon

Walter Farndon

Harbor Scene

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the wall by emile albert gruppe

Emile Albert Gruppe

The Wall

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the st. lawrence from the citadel, quebec by birge harrison

Birge Harrison

The St. Lawrence from the Citadel, Quebec

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fresh air by winslow homer

Winslow Homer

Fresh Air

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children on the beach by william samuel horton

William Samuel Horton

Children on the Beach, ca. 1918

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trees and rocks by ernest lawson

Ernest Lawson

Trees and Rocks

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searching the brush by harry leith-ross

Harry Leith-Ross

Searching the Brush

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fishing boat rounding jetty by hayley lever

Hayley Lever

Fishing Boat Rounding Jetty

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beached fishing boats by hayley lever

Hayley Lever

Beached Fishing Boats

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