Alejandra Padilla

Alejandra Padilla

New York, NY, USA Thursday, February 21, 2013Saturday, March 30, 2013

New York, NY, USA
Thursday, February 21, 2013Saturday, March 30, 2013

Praxis International Art is pleased to present ∞, the solo exhibition by Alejandra Padilla. A reception to celebrate the opening will be held at 541 West 25th Street, on Thursday February 21st, from 6-8 pm.

What if “Truth” in some very large and, for us, overriding sense is information not about what we perceive (the green leaves, the stones, that voice, that face) but about the process of perception? It seems to be a universal feature of human perception, … , that the perceiver shall perceive only the product of his perceiving act. He shall not perceive the means by which that product was created. The end result is, in a way, a work of art.

Gregory Bateson

Alejandra Padilla entered the public sphere of Argentinean fine arts by taking part in two group exhibitions in 1994, (I’m tempted to write ‘only’) eleven years ago. She has been featured in many group exhibitions and six solo shows since then. She has become increasingly and deservedly renowned through the years. The aesthetic strength and the formal power of her works in relation to their unusual elaboration process “without a single drop of paint” have been widely praised. Fragmentation, by cutting off high resolution photographs –usually taken from the field of fashion and luxury print journalism media–; multiplication by photocopy of those fragments; composition and in many cases photocopy of photocopies of specific modules; these elements are glued on a canvas base, all through a manual technique that requires extreme thoroughness in conjunction with a massive amount of patience. The perceptual contact with her works and the resulting aesthetic experience do not allow the recipient to foresee in its entirety the industrious effort that leads to the final outcome. Each one of the works, of course, can lead to diverse interpretations, and the names that the artist gives to them will tend to stimulate or to advise against one reading or the other.

Eliseo Veron

Alejandra Padilla’s work is a tour de force of intricate work achieved since the late 80s. Paper cuttings that repeat themselves stuck together as so many stitches to “embroider” obsessive patterns on a hard support are the basics of the work by Padilla. The object or form may be an almost anonymous shape or a jewel. The structure changes from piece to piece; it may be linear or chaotic, concrete or abstract, dynamic or static….She draws us into her work through clever manipulations of our expectations. The interest in her creations lie in the uncertainty generated by Padilla about the conventions we accept regarding how images function.

Elena Oliveras

Praxis International Art was founded in Buenos Aires in 1977. With the broad spectrum of its program, Praxis plays a vital role as a nexus between artists, collectors, curators, and art critics throughout the world, and is an important reference point within the Latin American cultural sphere.

Contemporary artist, Alejandra Padilla was born in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina, in 1961. She studied journalism at the J.F.Kennedy University and Art History at the UBA University, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Early in her career she worked as a journalist, an art dealer and as a curator. In 1994 she presented her first work as a visual artist, Angeles de luz I, at a group show in Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires, in 1997 she has her first solo exhibition a the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Art Center, in the same city. Throughout the years, her work has become known all over the world, taking part in the most important art fairs, such as, Art Basel, Art Bologna, Art Chicago, Arco, ArteBA, Pinta, Pulse, and Texas Contemporary Art Fair. Her pieces belong to international private collections as well as to collections of prestigious museums and institutions including: Fundación Fortabat (Argentina), Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas at Austin (US) and the University of Essex Art Collection (Colchester, England). Currently, Alejandra is represented by Praxis International Art, and lives and works between Buenos Aires and New York.