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Bjarne Melgaard 'The End of the Professional Teenager'

Bjarne Melgaard 'The End of the Professional Teenager'

Monday, November 10, 2003Monday, December 22, 2003

The Gallery at Sketch in conjunction with Pollock Fine Art hosts the first UK exhibition of Bjarne Melgaard, from November 10th – December 22nd. The exhibition will utilize various spaces at Sketch and consist of multi-channel animation in the Video Gallery in collaboration with Halvor Bodin of Superlow and with further contributions from Chris Wilder and Thad Strode, as well as drawings and 3-d works.

“The End of the Professional Teenager” combines animation with live action sequences. Melgaard’s latest work is a swan song for a trend whose time has come. The movie dissects the phenomenon of endless adolescence, which in recent years has masqueraded as a major contribution to culture. Melgaard finds this suspicious at best.