Plus One Gallery

Hyperrealism Now!

Hyperrealism Now!

London, United Kingdom Wednesday, February 22, 2012Saturday, March 17, 2012
have a coke by pedro campos

Pedro Campos

Have a Coke

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drinks at the pool by mike francis

Mike Francis

Drinks at the Pool

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observation by simon hennessey

Simon Hennessey


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pop by tom martin

Tom Martin


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fifth ave/nyc by luis perez

Luis Perez

Fifth Ave/NYC

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conserve by steve smulka

Steve Smulka

Conserve, 2012

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London, United Kingdom
Wednesday, February 22, 2012Saturday, March 17, 2012

See the first new hyperrealist works of 2012 in this group show featuring 16 prominent artists.

Plus One Gallery’s cream of the crop, sixteen of the best hyperrealist artists in the world, bring their first new works of 2012 to Plus One Gallery’s February exhibition Hyperrealism Now! Hyperrealism, a genre that tends to elicit double takes, wonderment and deep admiration (in that order) will now bring forth further surprises as with the New Year, Plus One introduces their newest artist JKB Fletcher whose “Dirty Faces” portraits opens the dialogue for what lies beneath photorealism. Further new beginnings are emerging amongst the artists.

Tom Martin for one, talks of his newest painting of a nubile nude posing on a KitKat wrapper: “Essentially I’m trying to look for ways to create a situation whereby things are believably real, yet impossible.”

Much anticipated, too, are the new reflective still lives by Steve Smulka! The same anticipation can be said for the new pencil drawings by Scottish urban artist Paul Cadden who in association with Plus One Gallery in the last year has attracted attention as far afield as from Japanese television networks. We’d like to say, “Stay tuned!” for more.

In addition to the above artists, in Hyperrealism Now you will enjoy the best of hyperrealism in the shape of…

…cityscape artists, Christian Marsh and Luis Perez: Luis explains his latest piece: “It is another step in my "Snow Series" where I keep working and challenging myself on the quality of light in snowy urban scenes and I think one of my hardest works so far!” And with Christian we look forward to the warmer months: “With my painting I have captured a mother and her two children making the most of a summers day by the side of the Thames in London.

…landscape artists, Carl Laubin and Simon Harling:

Carl tells us: “I am having a break from architecture after an intensive year painting it and before launching into another. I’m recharging the spirit, the eye and the hand by looking at landscape.” And there will also be new works from Paul Roberts, Mike Francis and Mike Briscoe. Three different Brits who all merge portrait with scenery in transfixing exactitude, and how absolutely stunning their new pieces are.

Mike Francis mentions the inspiration for his intimate painting of a swimming pool featuring two women taking late afternoon tipples: “Drinks at the pool” is a regular occurrence at the pool of an Italian villa in Tuscany, visited every summer.”

Equally atmospheric is Mike Briscoe’s new painting in his series of Seaside Hotels, set during early evening.

…and joining Smulka in the still life category: Pedro Campos, Cesar Santander and Cynthia Poole, each enormously impressive.

Cynthia Poole will show 1 new painting from a new series named Advertising Gestures – what to expect are mouthwatering pieces, think buttery toast with marmalade and delicious ice cream scoops to follow… yummy, but always with symbolic meaning.

Another treat on display to expect; British sculptor Steve West’s newest bronze piece along with Simon Hennessey’s latest painting keeping an eye on the pulse of hyperrealism!

This is the first of two group shows taking place at Plus One Gallery in 2012 amidst a fine selection of solo shows throughout the year.