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all state by gus heinze

Gus Heinze

All State

silent opera house by gus heinze

Gus Heinze

Silent Opera House

wp caboose by gus heinze

Gus Heinze

WP Caboose

walk to work by gus heinze

Gus Heinze

Walk to Work

river gallery by gus heinze

Gus Heinze

River Gallery

reflected battery by gus heinze

Gus Heinze

Reflected Battery

Wednesday, June 30, 2010Saturday, July 24, 2010

London, United Kingdom

Plus One Gallery is please to present a solo show of work by Gus Heinze. This exhibition focuses on some of the recurring themes in is his work such as building entrances, trains, engines and city scenes. What sets his work apart from that of other Photorealist is his interpretation of these scenes and his subject matter. Finding abstract patterns in the natural and the commonplace, especially in terms of grids, Heinze’s subjects range from the graphic inner workings of a gritty tractor to the perfect linear structures of modern buildings. A distinguishing characteristic of his paintings involves the selected viewpoint. He paints only what he intends for the viewer to see.

Born in Germany in 1926 and beginning his formal training in New York in his early twenties, Heinze’s art carries with it a fundamental understanding of our world as his artistry is not limited to or hindered by a prescribed hierarchy of scenery, but rather his gift is expressed in his innate ability to find, and ultimately capture, the splendor of any setting through the distillation of its parts. An intentionally 'abstract' Photorealist artist, his arrangement and his compositional sense rather than his subject matter, are the signature of his style and, like an abstract artist, Heinze’s primary focus is on the relationship between colour and space whereas object specifics and location are secondary.

One of the original members of the American Photorealist movement, Heinze brings to realism an invigorated excitement and abstract composition of juxtaposed shapes and forms as well as subtle colours which leave the viewer with a sense of harmony and order among familiar urban objects.

Gus Heinze lives and works in California