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japanese street by robert frederick blum

Robert Frederick Blum

Japanese Street, 1890–1892

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esophus creek by alfred thompson bricher

Alfred Thompson Bricher

Esophus Creek, 1865

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circus figures by byron browne

Byron Browne

Circus Figures

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traffic jam by orville bulman

Orville Bulman

Traffic Jam, 1952

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beach life #9, ogunquit, maine by anne carleton

Anne Carleton

Beach Life #9, Ogunquit, Maine

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frolicking in hay by james wells champney

James Wells Champney

Frolicking in Hay, 1876

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fruit and honeycomb by bryant chapin

Bryant Chapin

Fruit and Honeycomb

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portrait of artist albert beck wenzell (1864-1917) by william merritt chase

William Merritt Chase

Portrait of Artist Albert Beck Wenzell (1864-1917)

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social gathering, ogunquit beach by clarence k. chatterton

Clarence K. Chatterton

Social Gathering, Ogunquit Beach

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fishing along a vermont stream by howard chandler christy

Howard Chandler Christy

Fishing Along a Vermont Stream, 1945

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pastoral landscape by gustave cimiotti

Gustave Cimiotti

Pastoral Landscape

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ship passing boston light by clement drew

Clement Drew

Ship Passing Boston Light, 1877

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valley pool, the vanquished fighter by frank vincent dumond

Frank Vincent Dumond

Valley Pool, The Vanquished Fighter

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river fishing by francis golden

Francis Golden

River Fishing

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the boston commons, summertime by arthur clifton goodwin

Arthur Clifton Goodwin

The Boston Commons, Summertime, ca. 1905

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waiting in the lane, along the sunny path by clement rollins grant

Clement Rollins Grant

Waiting in the Lane, Along the Sunny Path

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