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summer bouquet, circa 1883 by abbott fuller graves

Abbott Fuller Graves

Summer Bouquet, circa 1883

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venice, italy by walter griffin

Walter Griffin

Venice, Italy, 1913

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the sycamore by emile albert gruppe

Emile Albert Gruppe

The Sycamore

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the coast of maine by mauritz frederick hendrick de haas

Mauritz Frederick Hendrick de Haas

The Coast of Maine

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portrait of miss agnes ruddy by lilian westcott hale

Lilian Westcott Hale

Portrait of Miss Agnes Ruddy

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fishing along a stream with grazing cattle & men haying by joseph antonio hekking

Joseph Antonio Hekking

Fishing Along a Stream with Grazing Cattle & Men Haying, 1860

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mount mansfield, vermont by aldro thompson hibbard

Aldro Thompson Hibbard

Mount Mansfield, Vermont

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the white silence, montana by william samuel horton

William Samuel Horton

The White Silence, Montana

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transitional steam-sailor, us naval ship by antonio jacobsen

Antonio Jacobsen

Transitional Steam-Sailor, US Naval Ship, 1879

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blackball packet columbia by antonio jacobsen

Antonio Jacobsen

Blackball Packet Columbia, 1916

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ships at sea by marshall johnson

Marshall Johnson

Ships at Sea, ca. 1890

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winter in new ipswich, new hampshire by william jurian kaula

William Jurian Kaula

Winter in New Ipswich, New Hampshire

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kittens with ball and butterflies by august laux

August Laux

Kittens with Ball and Butterflies

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a summer day along the cliffs by john lavalle

John Lavalle

A Summer Day Along the Cliffs, ca. 1925

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still life with fruit by edward chalmers leavitt

Edward Chalmers Leavitt

Still life with Fruit, 1893

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overlook mountain, woodstock, new york circa 1932 by hayley lever

Hayley Lever

Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, New York circa 1932

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