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frolicking in hay by james wells champney

James Wells Champney

Frolicking in Hay, 1876

traffic jam by orville bulman

Orville Bulman

Traffic Jam, 1952

circus figures by byron browne

Byron Browne

Circus Figures

summer bouquet, circa 1883 by abbott fuller graves

Abbott Fuller Graves

Summer Bouquet, circa 1883

winter in new ipswich, new hampshire by william jurian kaula

William Jurian Kaula

Winter in New Ipswich, New Hampshire

gloucester, circa 1927 by william meyerowitz

William Meyerowitz

Gloucester, circa 1927

harvesters at rest by harry herman roseland

Harry Herman Roseland

Harvesters at Rest

view from the artist's farmhouse, ipswich, ma by theodore wendel

Theodore Wendel

View from the Artist's Farmhouse, Ipswich, MA

provincetown, old chrysler museum by mabel may woodward

Mabel May Woodward

Provincetown, Old Chrysler Museum

valley pool, the vanquished fighter by frank vincent dumond

Frank Vincent Dumond

Valley Pool, The Vanquished Fighter

summer afternoon, inn of william the conqueror, normandy by francis hopkinson smith

Francis Hopkinson Smith

Summer Afternoon, Inn of William the Conqueror, Normandy

fruit and honeycomb by bryant chapin

Bryant Chapin

Fruit and Honeycomb

mount mansfield, vermont by aldro thompson hibbard

Aldro Thompson Hibbard

Mount Mansfield, Vermont

the white silence, montana by william samuel horton

William Samuel Horton

The White Silence, Montana

overlook mountain, woodstock, new york circa 1932 by hayley lever

Hayley Lever

Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, New York circa 1932

the active sea, swirling waters by caleb arnold slade

Caleb Arnold Slade

The Active Sea, Swirling Waters