Peter Harrington

motif suite: target, rainbow, heart, star by peter blake

Peter Blake

Motif Suite: Target, Rainbow, Heart, Star, 2010

Price on Request

wall lamp by patrick caulfield

Patrick Caulfield

Wall Lamp, 1994

2,500 GBP

billy & doll by billy childish

Billy Childish

Billy & Doll

700 GBP

25 lithographs of original gouaches based on three plays by the marquis de sade. misfortune’s mistake; the twins or a difficult choice; tancred. by salvador dalí

Salvador Dalí

25 Lithographs of Original Gouaches based on three plays by the Marquis de Sade. Misfortune’s Mistake; The Twins or a Difficult Choice; Tancred.

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allium christophii pilique pubescentes. (desert cactus.) by salvador dalí

Salvador Dalí

Allium christophii pilique pubescentes. (Desert Cactus.), 1972

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dada 1916-1923, sidney janis, april 15 to may 9 by marcel duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

Dada 1916-1923, Sidney Janis, April 15 to May 9, 1953

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ascending and descending by m. c. escher

M. C. Escher

Ascending and Descending, 1960

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shared vision by antony gormley

Antony Gormley

Shared Vision

1,500–2,000 GBP

feeling material by antony gormley

Antony Gormley

Feeling Material

1,000–5,000 GBP

swingeing london 67 by richard hamilton

Richard Hamilton

Swingeing London 67, 1968

Price on Request

fragment by barbara hepworth

Barbara Hepworth

Fragment, 1971

3,750 GBP

xylene cynol dye solution by damien hirst

Damien Hirst

Xylene Cynol Dye Solution, 2005

15,000–20,000 GBP

bromphenol blue by damien hirst

Damien Hirst

Bromphenol Blue, 2005

17,500 GBP

graffiti palace, n. y. dec. 1982 by david hockney

David Hockney

Graffiti Palace, N. Y. Dec. 1982

Price on Request

figurine, stehend, mit spitzenhaube. figurine, standing, with lace bonnet. by gustav klimt

Gustav Klimt

Figurine, stehend, mit Spitzenhaube. Figurine, standing, with lace bonnet., 1919

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liegender, weiblicher akt (rotstift). lying, female nude (red pencil). by gustav klimt

Gustav Klimt

Liegender, weiblicher Akt (Rotstift). Lying, Female Nude (red pencil)., 1919

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