Kohei Nawa

Kohei Nawa

Beijing, China Sunday, September 7, 2008Sunday, November 30, 2008
pixcell (toy-cactus) by kohei nawa

Kohei Nawa

PixCell (Toy-Cactus), 2008

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Beijing, China
Sunday, September 7, 2008Sunday, November 30, 2008

Opening Reception for Japanese artist Kohei Nawa’s first solo exhibition in China: September 7, 2008, from 2 to 6 pm. ALL WELCOME!

Pekin Fine Arts is pleased to present Kohei Nawa’s first solo exhibition in China.

In his latest works from his on-going PixCell (PRISM) series, Kohei Nawa shows his works in a specially constructed 5 x 5 meter white space-within-the-gallery-space. Kohei Nawa manipulates the viewers’ preconceptions of three-dimensional vs. two-dimensional space and objects.

The viewer enters and stands in a space of oddly diffused white surfaces, where floor, walls, ceiling and lights are flattened to near two-dimensionality by virtue of the uniformly white environment. The five acrylic PixCell PRISM boxes house a taxidermy chicken, a Dysan vacuum cleaner, Super Mario cartoon characters, a life size toy leopard, and a cactus tree. Each sculpture-prism is unique and hung at differing angles within the white space. Permanently encased in finely constructed acrylic boxes, each sculpture-prism is comprised of layers of prism sheets cutting the direction of light in two, causing the object inside to appear to divide into multiples, much like a hologram. The result is a visually disturbing, sculptural distortion, permanently "floating" in a virtual world of three-dimensionality.

Traditionally, two-dimensional works hang on walls of a three dimensional space. Here, the artist reverses the process, causing viewers to contemplate a world that is flat, save for bits of three-dimensionality contained in collector boxes and suspended within a flat space.

Kohei Nawa uses a wide range of every-day materials in his drawing, silk-screen, video, installation, and painting works to question the traditional visual and temporal boundaries of sculpture. His artworks are the by-products of his on-going research into the nature of sculpture and its infinite facets and possibilities. Kohei’s strength as an artist lies in his ability to invent new sculptural language by changing our perceptions and challenging our expectations when viewing art objects.

Kohei Nawa lives and works in Kyoto, Japan. He has a Phd in Fine Art Sculpture from Kyoto City University and also studied sculpture at London’s Royal College of Art. His works are currently on exhibit in the group exhibit “Parallel Worlds” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo(Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo), and were recently exhibited at the Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona, Spain, in Kohei’s second solo museum exhibition in Europe.

This exhibition installation is realized with the cooperation of SAKO Architects, with special thanks to Keiichiro SAKO and Shuhei AOYAMA.

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