Huang Zhiyang: Zoon - Dreamscape

Huang Zhiyang: Zoon - Dreamscape

Beijing, China Saturday, September 7, 2013Thursday, October 17, 2013
zoon - dreamscape no. 1228 by huang zhiyang

Huang Zhiyang

Zoon - Dreamscape No. 1228, 2012

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Beijing, China
Saturday, September 7, 2013Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pékin Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition of new work s by Huang Zhiyang. Zoon – Dreamscape (2008-present) is Huang’ s 3rd solo exhibit with the gallery and his first in the Pékin Fine Ar ts Hong Kong gallery space.

Huang Zhiyang, born in Taipei in 1965, graduated from the Taipei Chinese Cultural University in 1989 majoring in Chinese traditional ink painting. Huang has been based in Beijing since 2006.

'The world of Zoon - Dreamscape (2008- present) is similar to a primal jungle. It dominates the painting surface, creating a no-way- out feeling. It seems that one is about to be submerged or ove rwhelmed. Huang, in describing his painting style in this seri es, alludes to his generous use of the flowing movement of water. He first 'floods' his painting, then, as it gradually dries, he applies la yers of color, again and again. By repeating this process many times, he is able to create overlapping color, giving layers of painte rly depth to the ink painting. Huang Zhiyang says he first randomly crea tes a space and then proceeds to break it'. This 'random' act seems to imply a state of creation somewhere between 'automatic' and 'unintentional'.

In the compositions of Zoon - Dreamscape, Huang Zhiyang creates a sense of visual disorientation. Not only is one reluctant to enter the jungle, it is also impossible to penetrate. Precisely beca use of this, the Zoon - Dreamscape works appear as a series of walls blocking one’s view. One may feel that there are some spaces w here entry is feasible, but these also give rise to trepidation and fear regarding the next step. The psychological sensation, brought on by Huang’s unique visual language, is akin to being lost in an impenetrable jungle, and the result of his juxtaposition of color s in each painting. Moreover, Huang Zhiyang’s choice of colors summons to mind thoughts of lichen or fungi. In Huang’s words, it seems that the very air is permeated with a 'beautiful but pathological violence'.

-- Wang Jiaji