Parkett Editions, Zurich

fly repellent by monika sosnowska

Monika Sosnowska

Fly Repellent, 2012

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dishonest but appealing by frances stark

Frances Stark

Dishonest but Appealing, 2013

1,000–5,000 USD

dialogue of the dogs by sturtevant


Dialogue of the Dogs

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untitled (edition for parkett 60) by diana thater

Diana Thater

Untitled (Edition for Parkett 60), 2000

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untitled (450/375) (edition for parkett 44) by rirkrit tiravanija

Rirkrit Tiravanija

Untitled (450/375) (Edition for Parkett 44), 1995

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alloy (for steve baer) by oscar tuazon

Oscar Tuazon

Alloy (For Steve Baer), 2011

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silence (edition for parkett 60) by luc tuymans

Luc Tuymans

Silence (Edition for Parkett 60), 1991–2000

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parkett paperweight (edition for parkett 71) by keith tyson

Keith Tyson

Parkett Paperweight (Edition for Parkett 71), 2004

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unter den linden - under lime trees (edition for parkett 42) by lawrence weiner

Lawrence Weiner

Unter Den Linden - Under Lime Trees (Edition for Parkett 42), 1994

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black sea lamp (edition for parkett 75) by andro wekua

Andro Wekua

Black Sea Lamp (Edition for Parkett 75), 2011

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anniversary edition for parkett, 2 x 20 years of parkett (view 1) (edition for parkett 70) by franz west

Franz West

Anniversary Edition For Parkett, 2 X 20 Years of Parkett (view 1) (Edition for Parkett 70), 2004

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pouch for parkett (edition for parkett 37) by franz west

Franz West

Pouch for Parkett (Edition for Parkett 37), 1993

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wool 2008 (edition for parkett 83) by christopher wool

Christopher Wool

Wool 2008 (Edition for Parkett 83), 2008

1,000–5,000 USD

e=q=u=a=l=s by cerith wyn evans

Cerith Wyn Evans

E=Q=U=A=L=S, 2010

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cup cosies by haegue yang

Haegue Yang

Cup Cosies, 2011

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