Parkett Editions, Zurich

parasite patch, from schröderline by kerstin brätsch

Kerstin Brätsch

Parasite Patch, from Schröderline, 2011

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the libertine reader by paul chan

Paul Chan

The Libertine Reader, 2011

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black sea lamp (edition for parkett 75) by andro wekua

Andro Wekua

Black Sea Lamp (Edition for Parkett 75), 2011

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untitled by annette kelm

Annette Kelm

Untitled, 2010

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e=q=u=a=l=s by cerith wyn evans

Cerith Wyn Evans

E=Q=U=A=L=S, 2010

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from an alternative modernity (mirror for bruno taut) by josiah mcelheny

Josiah McElheny

From an Alternative Modernity (Mirror for Bruno Taut), 2009

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raised eyebrows / furrowed foreheads: crooked made straight by john baldessari

John Baldessari

Raised Eyebrows / Furrowed Foreheads: Crooked Made Straight, 2009

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no. po-65, face to face by jean-luc mylayne

Jean-Luc Mylayne

No. PO-65, face to face

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a pair of gloves by maria lassnig

Maria Lassnig

A Pair of Gloves

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1 hour photo & video (edition for parkett 84) by zoe leonard

Zoe Leonard

1 Hour Photo & Video (Edition for Parkett 84), 2007–2008

1,200 EUR

a portable apocalypse ballet (red ring) paden (edition for parkett 84) by mai-thu perret

Mai-Thu Perret

A Portable Apocalypse Ballet (Red Ring) Paden (Edition for Parkett 84), 2008

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untitled (uto) (edition for parkett 84) by tomma abts

Tomma Abts

Untitled (Uto) (Edition for Parkett 84)

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wool 2008 (edition for parkett 83) by christopher wool

Christopher Wool

Wool 2008 (Edition for Parkett 83), 2008

3,100 USD

wardrobe malfunction (edition for parkett 82) by rachel harrison

Rachel Harrison

Wardrobe Malfunction (Edition for Parkett 82), 2008

2,400 USD

retrospective (edition for parkett 82) by pawel althamer

Pawel Althamer

Retrospective (Edition for Parkett 82), 2008

4,500 USD

christian jankowski reads 50 parkett artists collaborations (edition for parkett 81) by christian jankowski

Christian Jankowski

Christian Jankowski reads 50 Parkett Artists Collaborations (Edition for Parkett 81), 2007–2008

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