Parkett Editions, Zurich

wardrobe malfunction (edition for parkett 82) by rachel harrison

Rachel Harrison

Wardrobe Malfunction (Edition for Parkett 82), 2008

1,000–5,000 USD

lacuna lotto by charline von heyl

Charline von Heyl

Lacuna Lotto, 2011

Price on Request

key to the laboratory of doubt (edition for parkett 77) by carsten höller

Carsten Höller

Key to the Laboratory of Doubt (Edition for Parkett 77), 2006

1,000–5,000 USD

all but one (edition for parkett 66) by pierre huyghe

Pierre Huyghe

All But One (Edition for Parkett 66), 2002

Price on Request

christian jankowski reads 50 parkett artists collaborations (edition for parkett 81) by christian jankowski

Christian Jankowski

Christian Jankowski reads 50 Parkett Artists Collaborations (Edition for Parkett 81), 2007–2008

Price on Request

untitled by annette kelm

Annette Kelm

Untitled, 2010

Price on Request

habeas corpus (edition for parkett 79) by jon kessler

Jon Kessler

Habeas Corpus (Edition for Parkett 79), 2007

Price on Request

rapunzel (edition for parkett 52) by karen kilimnik

Karen Kilimnik

Rapunzel (Edition for Parkett 52), 1998

Price on Request

theaterstück / theater piece (edition for parkett 94) by ragnar kjartansson

Ragnar Kjartansson

Theaterstück / Theater Piece (Edition for Parkett 94), 2014

1,000–5,000 USD

a pair of gloves by maria lassnig

Maria Lassnig

A Pair of Gloves

Price on Request

1 hour photo & video (edition for parkett 84) by zoe leonard

Zoe Leonard

1 Hour Photo & Video (Edition for Parkett 84), 2007–2008

1,000–5,000 USD

from hotan project, xinjiang, china by liu xiaodong

Liu Xiaodong

From Hotan Project, Xinjiang, China, 2012

Price on Request

from an alternative modernity (mirror for bruno taut) by josiah mcelheny

Josiah McElheny

From an Alternative Modernity (Mirror for Bruno Taut), 2009

Price on Request

untitled (edition for parkett 76) by lucy mckenzie

Lucy McKenzie

Untitled (Edition for Parkett 76), 2006

Price on Request

ancient chinese horses (edition for parkett 52) by malcolm morley

Malcolm Morley

Ancient Chinese Horses (Edition for Parkett 52), 1998

Price on Request

capital (a film by sarah morris) (edition for parkett 61) by sarah morris

Sarah Morris

Capital (a Film by Sarah Morris) (Edition for Parkett 61), 2001

Price on Request